'84 killed in clashes between tiger factions since break up

  • 25 Mar 2005 20:59:29 GMT

    well done Prabaharan!!!

  • 25 Mar 2005 21:16:01 GMT

    well done Prabaharan!!! Well done Karuna!

    Long live your liberation of Tamils. (...........

    ........From whom?????.........to whom???????)

    But anyhow Prabha, Karuna is a big challenge to you. (How easily you killed the leaders of other groups and threatened the other fews to join with you)

    Dear Tamils, please tell me the truth, what kind of liberation from whom you want?

  • 25 Mar 2005 22:04:14 GMT

    To all LTTE supporters posting here, read the following else where found in Indian HT.


    In its hard hitting editorial The Hindu says ` There is a lesson from the IRA`s current troubles for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. This Pol Potist organisation rules over the Tamils in much of North-East Sri Lanka as their self-proclaimed `sole representative` through a campaign of terror that has featured dozens of killings since the February 2002 ceasefire, intimidation, extortion, and plain gangsterism. Matters are far worse in LTTE-controlled areas in Sri Lanka than in the IRA`s patch of Northern Ireland. For one thing, the subservience of the `moderates` & constituents of the Tamil National Alliance to the LTTE is in a class all by itself; this cannot be compared with the relationship between Sinn Fein and the IRA.` The newspapers also say that Tamils actively canvassing international support against the LTTE`s criminal violence do not carry as much clout as the McCartney sisters.

    But their voices are stronger than they used to be. Some day in North-East Sri Lanka too, the worm will turn.


  • 26 Mar 2005 00:02:29 GMT

    Yes I accept. To be a real thamizan, you must know how to kill each other. Thats what your (sorry our) Prabha and Karuna doing.

    Ancient tamils (Searar, Solar, Pandiar) created a beautiful culture and a great name for us.

    Imagine how is the current happening going to be written in the history for our future generation.

  • 26 Mar 2005 03:19:21 GMT

    I am sure genuine Educated Tamils are embarrassed about this killing spree as we Sinhalese are about the 83 riots. The 83 riots were orchestrated by UNP thugs and Sinhalese mobs but not the general public. Sinhalese acknowledges that it was wrong.It was the failure of JRJ UNP government to stop the mobs which could have been easily done, tarnished the name of this country and showed that Sinhalese Buddhists are racist and murderers which is not totally true. If so then each time LTTE terrorists carried out massacre and inflicted injuries to Sinhala dominated areas (Colombo ) it could have repeated again and again. This fundamental and important quality of the Sinhalese public is the reason that the country was able to change their corrupt UNP government in 1995. Unfortunately lack of strong leadership and poverty of philosophy of the SLFP leads to unholy alliances to remain in power which had now become detrimental in achieving long lasting peace to the country.

    On the contrary the Tamil Diaspora`s blatant support for Terrorism in the name of a Tamil Elam has not only created a killing machine which causes now a self destruction of the Tamils it self but also undermines the Tamil rights and the aspirations they were fighting for. It has also created an opposition from the Sinhalese in the form of two penny radical Marxists like JVP and extremists like JHU /JHK(JATHIKA HELA KARUMAYA)which will bring nothing but total destruction to the country. .

    The time has come for Educated Sinhalese and Tamils to join hands and make an alliance to stop this stupidity and unite the country which has so much potential to bring prosperity and peace not only to Sinhalese and Tamils but to our Muslims bretherens and every other nationality in the country.

  • 26 Mar 2005 03:47:01 GMT


    With ref to your comments over Thamizan, I recall a simillar case where I suspected a `Damitha` as a Tamil hiding in a `sinhala` name. Oracle-Aus argued that in my point of view, all sinhalese posting here, should be tamils?? I gave him a lession & no responce from him for the particualr post.

    When you ppl use hiding nick names like `nighthawk` , `Tuskersmother` `Orcale-Aus`, `Booboo1` and so on, most of sinhalese have used their own names OR in shorten forms as nick names, except for few.

    So guess who are most `hiding writers` here.

    Let the true tamils too to voice here. And also don`t forget there are hundreds of thousands true tamils living there who cannot afford to have facilities to participate here. But for LTTErs, its so easy as they spend much money on their propaganda.


    I hv a great regard to you over most of your post.

    But don`t brand JHU as JHK. Extrimists forced to be born here becasue the incapabilities of you & me and other sinhalese. Its the Tamils who wnated to be extremists where as we always hv general, common, average political parties. When some owfully tamils were driven to have extremists parties, why sinhalese being the mjority of this country cannot have an extremists party????

    For all the LTTErs writing here, there is no answer as to why Karuna wanted to be away from Prabha, as much as other common tamils do. For LTTErs it`s common to kill any body who oppose them rather than finding the facts as to why they oppose and then take solutions to fix the casue..

    Who is the next to leave LTTE??? Bala Annai OR Chelvan????

  • 26 Mar 2005 04:25:50 GMT

    sunawij, Brother,

    We Sinhalese made a big mistake and Tamils made even a bigger mistake nourishing the LTTE. It does not mean that we need extremists. We learn from our mistakes and history. We Sinhalese have to make the first step to rectify that. If other sinhalese , you or I failed to do that in the past let us do it now without procrastinating.To oppose and retaliate LTTE we do not have to use trash . Let us use logic ,our intelligence, dialogue,constructive criticism and the biggest power the Democracy.

  • 26 Mar 2005 05:59:20 GMT

    Since the arrival of the present government to the power all these clashes between LTTE and Karuna groups were well created just to prevent any peace talks between Tamils or LTTE. and the Government led by Mrs.Kumaratunghe.

    By showing all these clashes and deaths to the International communities Mrs.Kumaratunghe wanted LTTE

    to be blamed as a main obstacle for peace.

    The interntional communities know very well that without the help or participation of Sri Lankan arme forces and the Government Karuna groups would not have attempted to clash against LTTE or Tamils.

    By helping Karuna groups Mrs.Kumaratunghe can not bring any peace talks in Sri Lanka and she should first of all understand that the Sri Lankan forces can not win against well organised LTTE forces.

    Instead of staying in the power with the help of JVP she should now quit from her post to pave the way or any genuijne political party to run the country and take immediate steps to have peace talks with LTTE ,the recognised power in the North and Northeast of sri Lanka.

    Afterall this small Island can not be able to support further economic burdens due to this civil war.

    Unless Mrs.Kumaratunghe or any sinhalese political leaders

    accept that war is not the final solution , the situation in near future will be very worst and the leaders in the south are responsable for any dangerous partition .

    This is not the personal warning but this is an international indirect warning to the Sri Lankan government

    if the peace talks is not started immediqtely with the LMTTE as demanded and wanted by UN and western countries including India and japan.

  • 26 Mar 2005 06:16:43 GMT

    Magaha, I think from my view point you are totally wrong. You are not on the ground just like Rawaya (Athula), Sunanda or Wickrambahu. You know, during my university days, I really know how we cared and treated our Tamil brothers. However, what happened to poor sinhalese students in Jaffna campus. Even today JHU or JVP are not rallying to drive Tamils off from Colombo, Moratuwa or other universities in South. That is great and only that example shows they are not extremists. I know many many incidents like this my dear Magaha.

  • 26 Mar 2005 12:25:38 GMT

    What a pity..... A dog eat dog situation among tamil youth orchestrated by their politician`s ideology.

    Sadest part is TNA is numb about it. When you are political stooges & not politicians, undoubtedly ones mouths are gaged.

    Helpless as they are in this situation, helplessly watching the spilling of blood of a future generation.

    When there is vengence & not flexibility toward fellow tamils who were partners before, how could these same Wanni Representatives talk of flexibility in Austria on the joint mechanism.

    All these incidents are interwoven as such what kind of flexibility are the Wanni explaining on the joint mechanisn to be exercised with the GOSL ?

    God help us.