'hirty Vanni cadres sent on Karuna hunt missing?

  • 25 Mar 2005 01:40:18 GMT

    Paper tigers, toothless tigers, running tigers.......pus- kotiya

  • 25 Mar 2005 02:09:40 GMT

    Give them chicken feed! So much for the macho talk about wiping out Karuna elements. So this is the true capability of Vanni cadres.

    Hey Prabha, this is nice propaganda for recruiting kids, should have made a video as usual on this attack and show to the world how you got wiped!

  • 25 Mar 2005 04:41:27 GMT

    Who`s this Noel William ? is he another tiger ?

    Wait till Karuna starts hunting all the `Headless` Vanni tigers.

    This is what called `Avi Gaththo Aviyenma Nasethi`

    Let`s wait till Karuna dominates over Vanni and cheer him up

  • 25 Mar 2005 04:41:30 GMT


    you sound like just an LTTE killer but (may be)without a gun.

    Dont try to kill every body who oppose LTTE, try to find out why so many ordinary tamils have started to keep away from LTTE and many had already started queue behind Karuna... why.

    Don`t be so mad to tell GOSL what should they do. Knock your heart and hear the whisper ``go to Karuna.....```

  • 25 Mar 2005 05:41:52 GMT

    Karunamachan, TOO BAD!! STOP this.

    Admin must hv not noticed this coz you hv just joined this forum, but sure yours will be snapped for ever, if you try the same language again.

    This guy could be one coward who support LTTE?????

  • 25 Mar 2005 06:38:55 GMT

    Hi guys,

    whether it is Praba Aiya or karuna malli All are Kotiyas in different stripes. Stop supporting any of these butchers even by a word of Praise. Don`t be silly opportunists like our politicians back in SL

    ravi lanka

  • 25 Mar 2005 21:43:03 GMT

    LTTE can be dismanteled by Karuna only. He is the who knows every nook and corner of LTTEs den. Karu, as U I support peaceful SL and undevided country

  • 26 Mar 2005 00:49:35 GMT

    Dear Arun!

    No one knows where Karuna is. As I have told you on one of the previous posts, there is no Karuna Group, the Srilankan Armed forces are using some former Karuna cadres to create havoc.You can compare this to the army`s Long Range Reconnaisance Group (LRRP).

    What this shows is the govt. or the armed forces are not at all genuine in finding a peaceful solution to this problem.They are trying to weaken the tigers by doing such acts.

  • 26 Mar 2005 00:57:56 GMT

    This shows how the LTTE cares for thier own cadres.They want honour them even after their death if they fail to accomplish their mission.


  • 26 Mar 2005 05:44:21 GMT


    Don?t try to be a dead man like Prabha!! (Its cotrovercial that Prabha is dead)

    When Karuna left LTTE in March last year, Bala Annai issued a special announcement saying if SL Gvnment tries to help Karuna, irreparable damaged would be set of SL Gvnmnt. This is the acceptance of the fact of leaving Karuna from LTTE.

    Up to now there was no any so-called irreparable damaged been done, one can think that Prabha believes SL Gvnmnt has nothing to do with Karuna.

    If Karuna had already ?vanished? from the earth, why these mad LTTE dogs are running behind Karuna??? to catch him and behead???

    I wonder how Prabhas butchery-henchmen dogs will catch Karuna ?GHOST?, even Prabha sent his entire fleet of dogc

    This is the nature of LTTE. Don?t believe whatever opposing OR whatever bringing negative impact on LTTE. Killing any one opposes LTTE, is another ?endemic attitude? in LTTE.