Baby dies in hospital horror

  • 23 Mar 2005 02:15:46 GMT

    Very sorry to hear this story.

    Most of the staffs working in labour rooms are of such. They don`t much care abt the mothers screaming with labour pains. For them, delivering a baby in to this world is just simple as closing & opning an eye.

    If anything had gone wrong due to which the baby died, yes justic should be sought.

    Also take this incident as an example to think twice abt the rosters of labour rooms staffs. The accused mid wife musn`t have in a hurry to leave, IF the next midwife who was in the roster, had reported to duty at that time.

  • 23 Mar 2005 05:08:34 GMT

    This may not be the case as it is portraited by the news. The nurse must have said that she wanted to catch the train, but definetly baby might have died from a different reason. Most of our news papers manipulates things and when it comes to the reader, it is totally different news from the actual thing.

    Sri lankan news papers are totally garbage, they never provide news, but raise the anger of the people. That is the main focus, `RAISE THE ANGER`.So when something happen they put it upside down or west to east and cook it, and put in the news.

    Has anybody thought of the condition of the nurse,she may be coming from Galle or far away and if she miss the train she will have to be on the road for many hours. that is the problem with our train service. She may be having kids at home waiting for her.

    And this baby have not died because mother pushed him quickly, definetly the reason is something else.

  • 23 Mar 2005 05:33:38 GMT

    The unfortunate incident described is very common, only now people take legal action. One reason is lack of staff ,lack of doctors, lack of equipment to monitor delivery , lack of protocols by hospitals to avoid such situation and lack of respect to patients.In the developed nations the most important persons in a hospital are patients. It is all about patients rights. In Sri Lanka unfortunately they are the doctors and the GMOA. I challenge the medical community of Sri Lanka including the GMOA to provide existing protocols and guide lines given to the health care providers to avoid these circumstance. Our sympathy is not enough . Needs to make a change. All the specialists working in Government Hospitals in Sri Lanka had their training in UK, or Australia, and had seen how things happen in those countries. None of them want to implement those developments in patient care when they return to Sri Lanka. The doctors who receive free education in this country are only interested in their professional rights which had been achieved through the GMOA the most powerful trade union in the country.

  • 23 Mar 2005 09:05:44 GMT

    Yes, this is a very sad story. May be this is not caused due to speedy delivery. But where were doctors and nurses? Why not give attention to innocent patients? Who covered the expenses of their free education? Many doctors in Sri Lanka are behaving as Gods. With first hand experience from developed world, I would say doctors are the most kind people I have ever seen from that part of the world. They nail down next to the patient and listening to the patient whether it is important or not. They have to understand the mental condition of the patient. Doctors, please come down to real world and think about patients as your own family members. Not like headaches.

  • 23 Mar 2005 14:42:09 GMT

    magha & vprenu,these your facts are realy correct.Sri Lankan Doctors think that they are above the God.Very many of them have no respect to the patients.They have forgotten the fact that until they become a Doctor,they get a free education out of the tax payer`s money.Therefore every Sri Lanka educated Doctor is indebted to every Sri Lankan irrespective of class & creed.But they are not.They need only higher pay,foreign trips,private practice while being a Government servant.JRJ was the person who opened the door for every Dr to do private practice and messed up the entire Health Department.Prior to that only the Professors were alowed to do private practice which they did in an excellent manner.But do they ever show their correct income to the Income Tax department.If the Doctors profession is put to order,their other staff will follow their example.According to the oath these professionals take,trade union action is totally prohibited,but these people are worse than the Latrine Coolies.Where was the Doctor in charge of the ward when the baby was delivered?If one looks at his diary,definitely it will show that he was on duty.Some one has to clean up this mess.Hope Sri Lanka gets a leader like Lee Quan Yu in the near future. Or we have to prey the GODs guarding the world to take care of these selfish motivated Doctors.

  • 23 Mar 2005 14:56:21 GMT

    100% correct Jay. these doctors they forget the things very fast. they are not kind except a few

  • 23 Mar 2005 17:24:38 GMT

    It is so sad to hear these types of stories where you go finding some helping hand when you are in pain and agony. This midwide should be brought to justice and necessary action to be taken against her. If found guilty she should be punished by God and the law in the country so that others too will learn a lesson. Instead of helping a pregnant woman she has almost killed her! (killing your child is like killing the mother) the family of that infant should take all the possible action to bring this `DEVIL WOMAN` justice

  • 24 Mar 2005 02:15:36 GMT

    I am only surprised that these kind of horror stories never came up before. Some of these midwifes and nurses are witches. They scream at mother in labour. I cannot mention here some of the derogatory language they use at these poor mothers. Soysa ward nurses are well know for this kind of behaviors. The Doctors use to take Rs. 500.00 just give an injection. Just to visit a patient one has to pocket out several hundred bucks from the security guard to the attendant to the ward nurse to the doctor. It is really disgusting what happens there. The rich can go to a paid maternity ward. But the poor has only this ward. It is high time that the Minister of Health appoint a fact finding commission and have a decent standard of addressing poor patients who come there to give birth. This particular midwife should be sacked and not give to practice midwifery and panelize for that child`s death.

  • 24 Mar 2005 02:18:28 GMT

    Jay-R, You are 100% coorect. Keep up the good work.