PERC ads irk JVP, protests to CBK

  • 22 Mar 2005 14:14:33 GMT

    Dear Magha,

    Very Well said Sir!

  • 22 Mar 2005 15:15:34 GMT


    Well said mate! There were privatizations by the PA government earlier (e.g. Insurance corp.) Where was JVP one wonders at that time. Now that the elections are getting closer, suddenly JVP wakes from their slumber and protests! Only protest mind you. They don`t have the guts to leave. JVP is making a mockery of socialism, which is a joke in itself anyway.

  • 23 Mar 2005 01:15:45 GMT

    This is not a JVP government. This is UPFA. JVP joined with SLFP and some others at a very crucial moment of the history of Sri Lanka to defeat the UNF-LTTE alliance mainly to stop the division and selling of the country. They formed the UPFA coalition with the agreement of certain key issues and they put forward this agreement to the people of Sri Lanka named as `country forward` manifesto. People voted for this and defeated UNF-LTTE unholy alliance. One of the key issues of the agreement was not to privatise education or state institutions and resources. The JVP understands that this government as well as the previous governments are incapable of providing fully pledged free education in this capitalist system; however, the solution to that is not the privatisation. Free education is the only window of opportunity left for all. Even though this window is not fully opened at the moment, JVP will not allow it to be shut down completely. JVP will open this window fully when a JVP government is formed.

  • 23 Mar 2005 03:24:09 GMT


    Your comment on behalf of JVP explains the inability of the JVP to reform the party and modernize it`s doctrine. An Alliance does not stop achieving one object. Our country has many problems and needs solutions in a dialectical process . If JVP waits until they come to power to solve nation`s problems it is not going to happen at all. Firstly our country can not be developed through Marxist theories. Please give an example of an under developed country which achieved prosperity through Marxism.China uses communism to suppress the nation whilst turning to wards a capitalist mode of production using cheap labour exploiting one`s own proletariat. Is this Marxism?

    Lack of a modern ideology is the biggest problem of JVP.

    Our country can give higher education free only to 16% of the Total qualified. Those who received free education should not keep the rest at a Ransom. Vast Majority of the people of the country including the Government sector employees does not pay income tax. So where does the money come from? Part of It comes from the private sector and the rest being in debt to the west eternally. So how could these people who does not pay income tax and receive free education deprive the rest of higher education.

    Country needs educational reforms. These reforms should involve providing low interest Loans to those who wish to obtain higher education in the private sector.So less affluent youth will also be able to take the opportunity and obtain higher education. Businesses give employment. Private higher education Institutes also provides more jobs. Competition improves quality and development.

    Our country can not be developed being a well fare society. The main reason our country has high unemployment rate is lack of industry. Who would give free technological know how? So the Government sector can not develop industry to compete with world market. What a government can do is to liberalize policies to develop private sector which will give more employment and revenue by Taxes. So a Tax paying nation has more rights, and will fight for their human rights than a country like ours. This why the western countries are developed today. Education is a human right. So do not deprive that right from our youth. Otherwise We will make a dumb generation like the present day JVP leaders and their politburo.

  • 23 Mar 2005 10:29:16 GMT

    JVP needs to grow up in the 2st century. We see time and again these red shirt idiots waving the the fail philosophy of hammer and sickle. Those who suffered under such regimes should have the right to sue the Russians for spreading a false doctrine. Even the pioneers of doctrine are now the Europe`s` most capitalistic! Perhaps JVP didn`t get a post card from them about change of plans.

    I admire JVP for its stand against LTTE. That`s is as far as I can go. The good things is that stance doesn`t involve any monetary aspects that will send JVP spinning down. What is lacking in JVP is the fundamental understanding of good economic sense. Wealth has to be generated to meet expenditure. How do you achieve that when they advocate mass employment, acquisition of usable lands, control of all economic functions under state etc. Money is generated by peoples` desire for profitability, there is distinction - not pilfering! This drives people to work hard and generate wealth which is in turn is tax by the gov for their role in providing services to people.

    Until the JVP understands that we will continue to see meaningless statements from them once in a while.

  • 23 Mar 2005 11:40:45 GMT

    JVP is doing the very correct thing at the moment. The people of Sri lanka voted for them and the `country forward program` in the last election. Therefore, JVP must keep the promises to the people and that is what they are exactly doing. Yes, JVP is a pain to those who want to divide the nation and sell the national resources. Yes, JVP is the unbreakable barrier to those few exploiters. Just tell me ``have you ever seen any political party or politician who sacrfice their entire salaries to rebuild the nation``? General public of Sri Lanka are experiencing the difference between the JVP and the others. That is why in the last election people voted for them first before everyone else. yes, they are Marxists, but they are Marxists of 21st century and beyond. Marxism is not a bible. It is the science of all sciences. The Marxism can be used creatively without coping any particular model or models. The JVP is the voice for fairness to all.

  • 23 Mar 2005 14:19:31 GMT

    Dear Poruthotage,

    The fact they donate the salary is not a good yardstick to gauge their ability to govern. It is the vision, recognition by international community and basically the big picture that matters. Sacrifice is good, but not good enough. That was what the old communism was built. They went on the theory that let us work hard and build the nation. Sounds great on paper, we might even like it. But the truth is peple in those countries were working hard and then harder for decades, but never had any progress (look at Russia, Rumania, even the East Germany). Do you want that to happen in SL? Then JVP is the solution. If you want SL to move forward, JVP is a bad choice.

  • 24 Mar 2005 03:21:31 GMT


    I do not know how much Marxism you have studied and what experience you have in Socialist and the Capitalist world.

    Carl Marx was quite right in giving the definition of Capitalism, describing the exploitation of the man by man and the capitalist mode of production. I do not discredit him of developing a theory of communism but we have to look at it not from the point of view of the 19th century but living in 21st century. In the point of view of 19th century it was correct. How ever the industrialization of the world had reached a scientific advancement of such a magnitude which Marx has not foreseen, and as a result of that the role of the working class which Marx described had completely changed. Even after the Russian revolution if you are familiar with Lenin`s works you will find that He wanted the Petty Bourgeoisie to run their business as they did before.Automatizing the industry and it`s impact on the working class was a topic the socialist debated for a long time.

    This is why Politicians like Dr. N.M Perera was much more advanced in thinking than your hero Rohana Wijeweera.

    Marxism today is an Utopia.People need to understand Marxism very well to improve the society though it is not applicable. Capitalists learned from Marx their mistakes and made better conditions for the working class in their countries, but the class difference exists in a different level and a form from the third world nations and can not be eliminated. This is the reality.

    So how does JVP change Marxism, applicable to the 21st century? Please give us some examples but not the rhetorics.

  • 24 Mar 2005 17:09:22 GMT


    I agree with all your comments except one. Allow me to correct you. You are not doing justice by drawing a parallel between Lenin, Dr. N.M. Perera and then Rohana Wijeweera. Lenin & Dr. N.M. Perera were driven by theory, sound knowldge and a true desie to change the system. Wijeweera was driven by hatred, frustration and many failures in life. This explains why he went on a killing rampage later. You can not compare them. Wijeweera was into terrorism, the others were for true revolution.

    By the way it is Nandasiri Wijeweera, Not Rohana wijeweera. Rohana is an additional part, to claim that he is from the South. Meanwhile, his slogan was for all poor countrymen to join (Sakala desawaasi Nirdanayan). I wonder why he wanted all ceylon to get together and then distinguish himself to be a Southerner. What a joker!

  • 24 Mar 2005 20:48:54 GMT

    Dear Poruthutoge,

    An organisation that has a history of murder, ransom, large scale destruction of human life, intellect and civil society, do not, never did, and never will have the interests of the people of Sri Lanka at heart.

    The JVP is a group that has tried to gain power always by inciting racial and religious hatred. Communal hatred, class hatred. It is a group that has grown out of, festers on and will continue to survive on creating divisions. If there is ever unity, radical and primitive parties like the JVP cannot survive. They know this and that is why they continue to be in the govt of the UPFA, exploit all its benefits and take part is all key decision makings, and then go out to public stating the exact opposite and create mass-scale strikes in the health, transport, education sector (in disregard of the the fact that the country is trying to recover from the devastating tsunami).

    It`s actions are and will always be irresponsible, decietful and selfish to the core.

    An organisation that used the blood of innocent youth of this country so that their leaders can exploit it is a disgusting, immoral organisation that never should be allowed to abuse our democracy and our values.