STF look for dozen Sinhala LTTE spies

  • 22 Mar 2005 04:14:06 GMT

    A country at war always has difficulty in diffrentiating friend from foe when their own side with the enemy. Such betrayals have sparked off major calamities through out history and mankind has found justice for such betrayal in harsh punishment. These men deserve nothing less, but the best in creative retalliation.

  • 22 Mar 2005 15:10:28 GMT

    If it is not too late, go and wipe out the tigers Tusker! What stops you from doing so? Go and join the army and start fighting! LOL!

  • 23 Mar 2005 06:37:10 GMT

    It is good to see that many sinhalese also join hands with LTTE.At least it will take out the racial part from the war and inject some selfish motives into it. people support LTTE for their own motives and not for freedom for others.

    It shows it is no more a war between Sinhalese and Tamils or war for freedom. It is just another thuggery war. A war between people who have weapon and people who dont have weapon and it just another business affair.

  • 23 Mar 2005 09:26:10 GMT

    Nighthawk & Lalith crap!!

    If u guys are truely sri lankans, support to the majority of sri lankans to win the peace to this country and don`t add fuel in to fire which your bloody war thurst brutal Killers - LTTE made up.

    It seems both these LTTE guys do not want any peace or harmoney but they want WAR or esle Eelam,,, no way men!!!