JVP to use school children as pawns to fight privatisation

  • 21 Mar 2005 05:10:49 GMT

    Its not only JVP opposing the privatization of education but many more.

    This is the voice of patriotic ppl of free education.

    Taking the lead by JVP, is remarkable.

  • 21 Mar 2005 07:28:07 GMT

    JVP has got the things upside down. You have to understand that education serves the people and not people serves the education.

    people should be able to educate themselves. Public or private does nt matter.

    What JVP trying to do involving school children is totally unetchical and not suitable for a civilized soceity

  • 21 Mar 2005 11:20:50 GMT

    JVP is opposing to privatise education simply because the education is the only window of opportunity left to all Sri Lankans including the innocent Tamil children who are constantly being abducted for military training by LTTE terrorists to kill other ethnic groups. If those Tamil children are given the opportunity to understand why the JVP is opposing the privatisation of education, no doubt, they will turn the guns to the LTTE and join the JVP.

  • 21 Mar 2005 12:27:42 GMT

    First of all, involving children as a frontline for politics and waris not ethical, whatever the problem may be. There should be a law to ban this efforts. I dont see why this initiative is being opposed as the people who have the money send their children abroad anyway. Further, 90% of the time these student dont come back to serve the country. I think allowing private institutions to ward higher educatonal certificates is good, provided it is done in a organized way.

  • 21 Mar 2005 14:01:21 GMT

    Whatever the cause,whoever the culprits using children to fulfill the adult need is child abuse.There can be no excuses whatsoever.

    But all you guys what I have noticed is that you all get electrified by the Heading,not the contents.And pls.be polite don`t abuse each other.After all you all live abroad where anybody can think openly.

    Comment on the facts not about each other or rumors

  • 21 Mar 2005 17:20:23 GMT

    I don`t know if you guys have read my earlier notes, but I have repeatedly said, JVP is trying to cover up their failure to deliver having joined the PA. Now they need to divert the attention. Peter Harold is one, now the privatization is another. Taking school kids to go and protest is as bad as getting child soldiers. This is why I call LTTE and JVP both terrorist organisations.

    By the way, this is how a lot of school children lost their lives, education, and the childhood (which the JVP does not seem to care) lost in previous attempts to topple the govt. If the JVP has any idea about revolution, they were done by grown up men. Not kids. Revolution is about farmers and workers, not immature students. Even with farmers and workers it was a failure all over the world. With students, it is a non-starter!

    If the JVP is so against the govt. policies, why are they still hiding behind saaripota and going to the parliament, support the PA? Madam even challenged them to go if they want. So how come they are still hanging on like beggars? Sorry if I offended anybody but the truth is JVP is as shameless as any other political party in SL. They just bark, because our people get kind of distracted when there is a noise!

  • 22 Mar 2005 03:57:38 GMT

    JVP does not have a vision but a delusion. Rohana Wijeweera`s obsession with the proletariat revolution cost him a medical education given free in the former Soviet Union. For him it was not the education what was important but to accomplish a revolution in Sri Lanka which was absolutely in appropriate since the country did not have suitable conditions for a revolution even according to the Marxist theories. This failed doctrine is still being carried out by the JVP.

    JVP had mislead and destroyed two generation of Sinhalese youth. Their ideology has not progressed and inch forward .It is the Ghost of Wijeweera still haunting the JVP doctrine since there are no body in JVP who has a 21st century ideology. JVP had not given up arms voluntarily and joined the main stream politics but they were crushed and defeated twice by SLFP and UNP. The very reason that Somawansa Amarasinha and his comrades do politics is for their own survival. If they are not in politics they can not have a decent living nor they have skills to make a decent living either. Like in many other developing countries poverty had made breeding grounds for radical political groups which seems to play the part as the liberators of the oppressed.They cause more destruction to the society than any good.

    The term privatization of the higher education is a misinterpretation. Allowing private higher education system respecting and keeping the traditional free higher education is not privatization it is liberalization as well as an educational reform. The country needs to think about the 75,000 students who are qualified each year but unable obtain higher education due to the lack of opportunity in the present system. What agenda does JVP has to give at least 10% of these youth the opportunity to study? What they want them to be are an army of frustrated youth who would join them to build the party so the leaders could survive. If India has poor quality private institutes , we should make strict standards so that it does not happen in Sri Lanka and not to kill an opportunity for many at birth.

  • 22 Mar 2005 09:30:09 GMT

    JVPers are very good protesters. When it comes to objections and protest they are the best. But when it comes to diplomacy and vision, they are the worst.

    Sri lanka would have been a better place if JVP stops its protesting mania