Tiger airstrip: No access for SLMM

  • 17 Mar 2005 21:54:31 GMT

    SLMM GO HOME!!!!!!!!! We don`t see any difference between you and LTTE.

  • 18 Mar 2005 00:16:54 GMT

    This gives the SLAF the go ahead to bomb the strip into dust, lets do it over the weekend, I have few hours to kill.

  • 18 Mar 2005 00:25:10 GMT

    This is a ridiculous story. Our military top brass unashamedly begging a bunch of mercenaries dressed in the camouflage of SLMM, permission to check an illicit activity in their own backyard. Except the ranks and the brass they are decorated with, this is a bunch of jokers from a banana republic, who betrayed the sovereignty of the nation to a ragtag band of terrorists. Where on earth you all when the terrorists brought ship loads of aircraft to their air wing.

    Had you attended to your duty in faith for which you are paid- leave alone the hollowed poetry of patriotism- Sri Lanka would not have been in this predicament today. Of course, we know that you are readily palming off the blame to rogue politicians.

    That too, not to their face of your political masters, gutless sycophancy, since it ruins the diplomatic posting once knocked out of the force. Incidentally are you any different with thumping bank balances out of the loot, hand in hand with the masters?

  • 18 Mar 2005 01:09:31 GMT

    Lalith Thilaka,

    When did you get out from the lunatic asylum? Or Have you forgotten your daily intake of medicine? I am sorry, I can`t find any other way to express the behaviour of this blind LTTE supporter. SLMM is a joke. We all know that. It is the elected government`s responsibility to get rid of any threats to its own security. The people of Sri Lanka had given their mandate to do so. Taking appropriate action sooner would be the better option for the future of the motherland of Sri Lanka.

  • 18 Mar 2005 01:12:55 GMT

    Hey it`s a joke, we should send SLMM out now..... and bring back IPKF.

  • 18 Mar 2005 01:43:10 GMT

    There are no such LTTE controlled areas, but there are areas not 100% liberated from the LTTE terrorism. Those so called LTTE control areas came into being thanks to the Ranil`s illegal agreement with the terrorists. Sri Lankan government`s duty is to liberate those areas from the terrorists.

  • 18 Mar 2005 02:18:40 GMT

    You bunch of ignorant people! Some idiot said `there are no LTTE control areas`. Which planet you live idiot? The whole world knew that they control more than 1/3 of Sri Lanka. Yah Sri Lanka can`t even protect their own backyard when came to Colombo and wiped out more than 20 aircrafts and now you want to go and bomb LTTE airstrip. What a joker. You dum asses please make some sense! Where were you when they ran over 10 army camps within 2-3 days and killed more than 5-6 thousands of Sri Lankan forces! Where were you when they ran over elephant pass. This JVPs is such a fakes and play very good political drama. You never can`t forget these JVP mass murders who killed more than 30 thousand innocent Sinhala people in the late 80`s. Wake up people. Recognize the traitors. Where was this JVP boss hiding this long. He stoled more than 20kg worth of innocent people`s gold and money, transfered into his own account in UK. Can anyone please tell me what was this guy doing this long in the UK without job. You don`t know hah. Ask me I`ll tell you the history.

  • 18 Mar 2005 02:39:02 GMT

    Have you ever heard of Surface to air missiles? Government even aware that LTTE own bunch of those. And you want to go and bomb the airstrip hah! This may be the easiest way to lose the rest of the bombers. You all should remember that, once war is started, Sri Lankan army would be a very vulnerable position. Last time they barley escaped without losing Jaffna. LTTE gave up the fight when India moves their forces to T.Nadu.

    One more thing, LTTE put up more than 12 camps in Trincomale now. They entrapped the Sri Lankan forces very well. I guess it may be just 24 hours enough for them to capture Trinco.

    All I am saying is there are no way to defeat LTTE. The only way is to go to Peace table with them. Do not ever trust these JVP bastards. They are tongue twisters and bunch of opportunists. They killed so many innocent Sinhala people just for eating Indian foods. Now, they are kissing Indian asses hah! Funny! You should all remember that India caused all these. They trained LTTE, gave them weapons. So the India is the common enemy for all.

  • 18 Mar 2005 03:02:58 GMT

    Guys whom living in the present!!!

    LTTE is a TERRORISTS group & nothing more.

    World know LTTE TERRORISTS have some areas claimed to be under their rule, by chasing away all in habitants with guns & bombs.

    World know, how LTTE TERRORISTS set bombs in crowded trains, buses which killed hundreds of innocent ppl.

    World know how LTTE TERRORISTS do ppl smuggling, drugs dealing, mafia supporting, extortions, weapons transporting, a list of things endangering the peaceful world.

    Its not so long, LTTE TERRORISTS the brutal killers, who even have no mercy on infants sucking mother nipple to suck milk to grow up in this world, know nothing but only to rip off every body in to pcs with sharp swards. They do this ruthless, merciless killing even ppl are in deep sleep. Such coward mass murders!!!!

    TERRORISM is a cancer to the whole world. All the nations should work towards a world where there is NO TERRORISM in.

    Where there is TERRORISM, there is no peace.

    Can the idiotic LTTE TERRORISTS & its supports to ask mass helps from Osama Bin Laden Or Al Zakawi to tell the world to accept TERRORISM????

    Airstrips, no matter built after the CFA OR before, the fact is they are illegal and a threat to the sovereignty of the country and the regional countries. It’s the responsibility of democratically elected Gvnment to demolish so called Airstrips if proved to be existed. No matter, take help from any regional countries.

    Hell! these LTTE TERRORISTS and its supports are much careful enough to not spill a word abt UNF coz, (g) Ranil W gave the under hand power to these LTTE TERRORISTS to any damn thing they want, written in the CFA- a peace document which leads country to be in piece.

    May be after this posts, they might kill (g) Ranil – W , with only words..

    JVP, JHU, step forward as you are. There are many more to come under you.

    It is said that so many youths in UNP are attracted to JVP & JHU these days, but hell we don’t know why!!!!

    Hey TERRORISTS listen up!! Earth is not the planet for your TERRORISM, hell, go to the SUN, you have enough room there!!

  • 18 Mar 2005 03:52:24 GMT

    To whom it may concern,

    There are no LTTE controlled areas, but there are some areas under LTTE terrotism. The name `LTTE conrolled areas` is not a correct term to use at all. The legality of the so called `peace agreement` with Ranil and terrorist leader is still being questioned in courts. LTTE Terrorist leader is wanted by interpol as well. He is also charged 200 years RI by SL supreme courts for murders committed. The time has come to liberate Sri Lankan Tamil people from the terrorist group wanni LTTE.