LTTE issues 36-page report on NE needs

  • 11 Mar 2005 11:23:52 GMT

    Who cares, no one will be impressed but the Norwegians. Looks like it needs to be translated to English! The balance 54 pages not submitted include how to rebuild their military assests with funds raised by TRO which no one will get to read.

    It is that easy for the LTTE to come up with such a proposal because it is a watered down version of their plans for Eelam. They have obviously prepared for their tour of EU.

    SL govt plan includes the entire country (not parts) and certainly not bandage schemes like what the LTTE seems to have come up with. SL govt has already set up an authority to deal with re-building and it takes time to come up with concrete plans which includes provisions for relief on current loan repayment and how much new funds are required in the form of either loans or grants as a result of the tsunami. The plans when they come up will not have grandiose schemes to transform SL to Singapore, they will be realistic projects like construction of new Southern hwy away from the coast.

  • 11 Mar 2005 17:20:39 GMT

    It seems ravi_r is the only smart person in this form. Because his post is like he has seens the proposal in person.

    He says that it needs to be transalated and he also trying to point out whats in the proposal.

    Don`t act like politicians man, Be normal person. If you act like politician your place to live is not this forum but Parliment.

  • 11 Mar 2005 23:02:11 GMT

    psinna: Shoot, I was just planning enter politics and now that you highlighted my weakness I am back to square one. Thanks.

    Why can`t we just get along, share the same land and resources?

  • 12 Mar 2005 01:53:43 GMT

    Hi Psinna, Ravi_R is going to join the army, why should he be a politician? But I am not sure when he is going to join, i hope he replies to this!

  • 12 Mar 2005 03:16:58 GMT

    nighthawk & psinna,

    It was not so long revealed LTTE was shoping in F-East countries to buy modern arms & means to strengthen its military power. This was just after TRO raised funds in CANADA in the name of Tsunami and donated to LTTE, with what LTTE is shopping to buy arms.

    Under the shadow of Tsunami, LTTE is building what had been damaged from the brutal war. Tsunami aids are NOT to re-build the damages occured by the war OR to make air strips to LTTE TERRORISTS OR to buy arms. BUT its for the poor ppls` bettermant.

    If one needs necesarily should join the Army as he/she talks on behalf or army, then whats you ppl are doing in overseas having so much comforts, throw them away and go fight under him - Prabhakaran - the brutal killer, mass murderer!!!!

  • 12 Mar 2005 15:57:30 GMT

    Is this a reflexion to a national think tank not being in place ?

    Or an existing think tank incapable ?

    Or is it a reflexion of the difference between an authoritarian & a democratic rule ?

  • 13 Mar 2005 04:02:08 GMT

    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    I was in SL between Sep- Nov 04. I had the opportunity of visiting Jaffna for 7 days. I visited Jaffna after 19 years. The things you see is very saddening. We can ask the question who`s fault it is .

    But the fact is LTTE was wrong 20 years ago but the Sri Lankan Leaders made them right by continuously fighting.

    What you see in Jaffna is destroyed and Abandoned large houses with no people living plus land mines .. where you cannot step into those areas.

    The bottom line is Sri Lanka is a very poor country. Except for the Politicians ,Businessman and other Professionals all the rest are poor financially.

    It is time for all Sri Lankans ( minus politicians )to work together to bring peace and prosperity to all Sri


    We need to think differently.

    What I would suggest readers is to do some thing in action.

    If you are living overseas please start sending say US$50 to your relative or a poor family on a monthly basis.

    Lets help the poor - forget about LTTE and SriLankan Govt.

    This is what bible says in Psalms 41

    ` Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.

    The Lord will preserve him, and keep him live: and he shall be blessed upon earth:and thou wilt not deliver him unto the will of his enemies.....`


    Vasee Rajadurai