Tigers robbing tsunami relief

  • 28 Feb 2005 11:08:59 GMT

    This story is absolutely correct and this LTTE people don`t need peace because if peace is there they can not robber the money and control the people like above story. They real cheated people and they won`t peace any how. This is the easy way to take money from poor people and they are having the luxury life with poor people money. Problem is so far this un educated people couldn`t understand what this crocked LTTE guys are doing.

  • 28 Feb 2005 12:56:15 GMT

    Tamilan: Dude? Are you in the niger gheto?

    Isn`t it so heart breaking to see such bad news about LTTE going around these days. How about child soldiers, not true again?

  • 28 Feb 2005 15:43:01 GMT

    Yes Thamilan, media can be Tainted. What we have to understand is who uses the media to their advantage. LTTE has a Media Monopoly regarding ?Srilankan matters? in Europe. Any news comes from outside of this media mafia is suppressed and vehemently opposed by organizations/agents appointed by LTTE. In the wake of Tsunami catastrophe LTTE has launched a media campaign that would envy Joseph Goebbels in his peak. It was amazing how most foreign reporters (except CNN) have missed the fact that the main hindrance to clean up (and other relief) operations in Eastern Srilanka is LTTE`s reluctance to give access in to East coast for relief organizations, for reasons well known only to them. I am surprised at LTTE`s efficiency in utilizing foreign reporters to hide their part in the situation and highlight other issues. Congratulations. The organization has again proved that even in an emergency they can go according to the plan. And western media personnels, even whom I have admired, meekly went down with the pressure.

    For more details pls check this portal for Alternative Tamil views.



  • 28 Feb 2005 17:13:12 GMT

    dear thamilian !

    This is to do with the media publications.

    If there is not an iota of truth to such an article I wonder what you would say about the articles written by P.K.Balachandran of the Hindustan Times ?

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Don`t feel bad about it at least let us try to be fair & call spade a spade in this forum.

  • 1 Mar 2005 01:40:53 GMT


    No diffrence between real LTTE tigers and ppl like you.

    LTTE tigers carry out their brutal war directly having guns in their hands where as ppl like you hiding under the `refugee lable` carry out LTTE war among the nations in some what different manner, but still its the same.

    Important thing is to see the stone as a stone, not a gem.

    Here there is another point too in opposing on SLMM as they too do not see the CFA violations those LTTE commit, but see only the vialations SLA do.

    What hidden tigers SLMM are. Cheerup! we need more Norwagean peace magicians.

  • 1 Mar 2005 09:35:46 GMT

    Here we go again ,

    well blame it on the tigers , atleast they released their funds initially for the Tsunami relief , well what about your government and the dear ol` JVP gentlemen most of the stuff has gone into the houses of the ministers and aid workers affected by the Govt, proof President`s public speech , JVP is hijacking van loads of stuff and Putting their banners and distributing .... who is cheep ???, Atleast LTTE`s efforts were praised by KOfi Annan but the JVP ??????? May god bless you all.

  • 1 Mar 2005 10:16:24 GMT

    truth hurts my dear.

    You see a nice dream in the day light.

    damn it, UN-Kofi Annan has pledged that LTTE child soldier matter, will be taken stongly with them. So does the Canadian govnmt.

    LTTE having refused the aids when given and then looting same stuff in between, cannot be justfied by your so called `proofs of speech`.

    There was no indication that JVP hijacked vehicles carrying aids, but LTTE.

    There were many Tamils (apart from many singhalese) in east who praised JVP for having came forward to see them with aids.

    Still he sees the stone as a gem, amids a nice dream, alas!!!

  • 1 Mar 2005 15:22:21 GMT

    TO LTTE,

    If you really did this, curse will come after all your leaders. There is another article LTTE killed another tsunami affected innocent army deserter. Are U really helping TAMIL STRUGGLE or helping yourselves. What are U doing to our nation? You make things complicated. YOU DONT WANT PEACE. YOU WANT GUN which u get used to instead of brain. You cheat everybody.

  • 2 Mar 2005 07:14:27 GMT

    Arun go wash your brain with Sunlight , that might do some good for you .

  • 2 Mar 2005 08:49:42 GMT

    Dear Oracle-Aus, dont` feel bad when a Tamil speaks the real truth.

    Also pls don`t expect each an every Tamil to speak like a hell as you and a few Pro - LTTErs do. Let them to put forward their views too in this forum and let the truth goes to the world.

    Its worth knowing that there is a big voice heard around the world - including Canada, abt the brutal Terrorist activites LTTE carried/s out including `child soldiers`

    Your continues non acceptance of this global truth, will not lead other Tamils to accept LTTE as thier only one solution for this ethnic crisis.