Ministry of Defence grounds UN helicopter

  • 27 Feb 2005 01:35:34 GMT

    Hey UN

    Give the guards somthing they will let go the chopper. No problem, we are Srilankans.

  • 27 Feb 2005 10:46:28 GMT

    Why does`nt these idiots have no commonsense to co-ordinate such activity to avoid embarasing suc situations ?

    This is intimidation.

  • 27 Feb 2005 22:35:52 GMT

    UN or not the law of the regulation applies to all about private civil aviation. Why do they in the first place need a helicopter ? Probably to provide transport to the LTTE without requesting the government, so that they can shuttle the LTTE as they wish and help LTTE. Painting it with UN logo will make it safer from Karuna. This is another plan definitely cooked by the LTTE. How stupid of them to think that they can keep it a secret.

  • 3 Mar 2005 06:14:59 GMT

    At present United Nations in the name of human rights, is trying to destroy the peace in some countries. United Nation now require re-shuffle. Mr KA is not good supporter on war on terrorism. He is no more good SG in UN. UN always tries to create some ethnic terbulance.