Private institutes must get university status: UGC

  • 26 Feb 2005 14:20:38 GMT

    I think the first step the UGC & the govt. should take is to look at the current courses taught in the university and reform them to suite the needs of the country. For example there are thousands of arts & science graduates who are unable to find a suitable job. Why ? Because they don`t have a qulaification that is required by the job market. So these young people who were suppose to be the cream of the country will live in frustration and will lead a very difficult life.

    Only the rich people will be able to send their children to these private institutes. They will have sufficient influence in the society to get good oppertunities for their children.

    So eventually the best people who get selected to the state Universities will suffer and the not so good people who go to Private institiutes will thrive. I have seen that some people who got 4 F`s in A/L have graduated through ITS and doing desent jobs. People who did very well at ALs have graduated and are unable to find a job.

    Providing legitimacy to private institutes should only be done after making sure that evry graduate from the state universities is capable of securing employment after they graduate.

    I beleive this is a nother huge mistake that UGC is going to make. Everyone should protest against this.


  • 27 Feb 2005 00:07:48 GMT

    >>I have seen that some people who got 4 F`s in A/L have graduated through ITS and doing desent jobs. People who did very well at ALs have graduated and are unable to find a job.

    This is a misconception. ALL students passing A/L should have the right to select a unversity. That`s how it works elsewhere and how it should be in SL. The top mark takers should find top course and top universities while the others get the rest. Private universities will provide this and as more and more universities are opened the costs will come down making them affordable to a large number of students. They will also gradually make the state universites follow them and change their antiquiated system of studies. I know the difference well as I did also

    follow a foreign system where they try to create as many leader as possible from the school and are very proudly announce if they have alumni in higher posts any where in the world.

    I left SL in 1972 as I passed HSC at that time but did not get selected as there were only 400 places for 10000 candidates. I completed studies abroad in cmputers and became successful and am living here in europe since then. If I had the oppotunity I would never have left the county. I am sure I am not the only one but there are thousands others who are in my boots. To prevent brain drain we need to educate the masses beyond high school. That alone is however is not suffcient, the country need to develop so that the educated can be paid a decent salary on which they can live without depending on corrupt practices. Otherwise this effort will be useless as the qualified will still leave. I hope that the large amounts of money received for Tsunami relief will be used carefully, intelligently and in a planned manner to make sri lanka a properous developed country by developing the infrastucture, commmunication and creating political stability, the three major points for development.

  • 27 Feb 2005 05:33:34 GMT

    Private Institutions should be upgraded as universiyies.This comment by the UGC chirman is highly appreciated.Really, lot of student who are qualified lose their opprtunities of higher education.The best way is to allow opening private universities.We , SriLankan are very far from the developed countris. one of main factors for good devlopment is higher education for every is not important to think about jobs first, every body should study and do research so that the country will develope.Meanwhile, the government sholud maintain a quality in education by enforcing laws.