JVP remains firm against peace talks based on ISGA

  • 23 Feb 2005 23:43:11 GMT

    The Govt should demand that the Karuna faction be included in any discussions so that LTTE becomes less important in any agreement. Without this one can say that the Karuna faction will be free to disrupt any agreement.

  • 24 Feb 2005 03:03:09 GMT

    JVP, what u do is OK. But just don`t wait, make a big voice, do protest with any way you can.

    We need JHU honrd Monks too to be active on this. You all are needed very badly to the nation.

    There are few cattles covered with Tiger coats and roaring around and want LTTE to declare their `dream eelaam`

  • 24 Feb 2005 03:24:55 GMT

    Lets Not forget where JVP has come from , when I was at Vidyodaya 1989 these were the very elements caused so much Grief to Mother Lanka. Because they have Come From RITIGALA to PARLIAMENT , and against LTTE doesn?t mean they are saviours of Our Nation. Every one should remember one thing Army has fought the war for nearly 20 years and it was a never winning war. And we have lost confidence of Majority of the Tamils. Tamils will trust LTTE to Sri Lankan Army and whether you like or not North and east is quite independent already. Isn?t this an opportunity to salvage a dignified , unified settlement? JVP is a Racist element which will do more damage to our beloved county. So back off and let the President take over the Peace Initiative.


  • 24 Feb 2005 10:46:00 GMT

    Please JVP, let Government to allow solve this ethnic Problem, Do not think this as ur political stability, as earier politician take this problem this as their poltical stability, thatwhy this become huge problem, even this is good time to sove this ethnic war, JVP telling one thing doing one thing, intially they told they are partner for poor people, but they doing simply third gread politic, if prolem not solve who will suffer? ultimatly both side poor people will suffer, JVP they put their children in nationl school and enjoy their life, but people r still suffer refuge camp, what they want simply only power, If this people comes to power even I could not immagine, Let us think forwardly.

  • 24 Feb 2005 11:34:14 GMT

    Good on you JVP.

    Innocent tamils in sri lanka donot need a ISGA Under the LTTE.There are so many other political groups in the country and they have a right to engaged i n politics in North as well.After the Tsunami we realised how capable of JVP for rebuild our country.The way they supported Tamils Muslims and singhaleese need to be appriciated.

    I think LTTE Must wake up and give up their racist ideas of dividing Sri Lanka along the race line and should help the country to be united.We do Understand JVP Now!!!!!!!

  • 24 Feb 2005 12:23:41 GMT

    Already the country is divided & the only solution to UNITE the Country is WAR to MILITARILY CRUSH the TAMILS FOREVER. All JVP comrades should join the forces and must mercilessly fight the war to safeguard MOTHER LANKA. If JVPers do this, there are the real sons of Sinhalese Lions. MOTHER LANKA URGENTLY NEED LEADERS LIKE DUTU GEMUNU TO UNITE THE COUNTRY. JVP ers are the real patriots & sons of true sinhalese & hope they will become Dutu Gemunus & unite the country by crushing tamils.

  • 24 Feb 2005 12:39:17 GMT

    we dont have to be racist here. Its not about crushing Tamils, its about crushing the LTTE. I am sure all sinhalese, tamils and muslims can get along pretty well ( of course there would be problems, but not as big problems as if to go for a war )

    Yes, the JVP did a pretty good job with the Tsunami aftermath. I think they have cleared a lot of misunderstanding amoung the population and i think they would be strong enough to contest individually in the next election. The whole reason Chandrika is still in power is because of JVP coalition.

  • 24 Feb 2005 13:52:21 GMT

    If there is no JVP, ISGA would have been given by now to tamils, and it is because of Patritic JVP it is not given so far and HOPE it will never given. There is no need of ISGA or not any other administrative set up is needed for tamils in Sri Lanka. Tamils in Sri Lanka are Usupers & mercenary army invaded from India, and all of them are either anti-sinhalese (including the most celebrated Karuna is the killer of Buddhist Monks in Aranthalawa) or LTTE supporters. As there is no difference between LTTE and Tamils, it is not LTTE problem, but it is a tamil problem (Even policywise, there is no difference between EPDP, Karuna and Wanni LTTE). As long as Tamils are majority in Northern Sri Lanka LTTE will be there. The only solution for this National Problem is to Mercilessly Crush the Tamils by WAR. Hope JVP will Crush Tamils Soon...Sooner the better and hope for the best !!!

  • 25 Feb 2005 06:23:09 GMT


    You are wrong my dear.

    Me, a bluddy sinhalese, not tell to crush all tamils.

    What happened in the dark, already happened and cannot reverse. Lets not make the same mistake when in the light.

    There is no need of crushing Tall amils, but yes true there is a needy badly required to crush all LTTEers.

    All the Tamils are not LTTE but all the LTTErs are Tamil, let`s distingush this and fight suitably.

    True we need Dutugemunus, Puranappus in this era too.

  • 25 Feb 2005 19:30:35 GMT

    ITs good that these people write like this because now the world can see how racisit the sinhalese are when it comes to tamils in sri lanka. I hope UN sees this posting. If you will see these posts, Tamils are always asking for peace and equality in sri lanka and when you compare a sinhala person`s post, its full of racism racism and crushing and crushing. NOW do you understand why LTTE kill army, Its because people like you have tried and done CRUSHING tamils in the past and LTTE has woken up to save them. Its tamils that have to worry about LTTE killing tmails and not you sinhalese. We know that they dont hurt us indeed they are part of us. SOOO just dont take your goverment media for granted and post here. Because its going to fire back at you. Atlease take this advice. JVP may be you are indirectly helping tamils by opposing us so that the world can see when is exactly happening in srilanka for tamils. Be loude so that evey country can here you and thus will become a best solution for tamils. SOON the world will get involved in sri lanka and we need JVP help for that. Then only the peace can come in sri lanka.

    GO ON JVP SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT NOW because at the end you are going to keep SHUT