CBK tells JVP: If you want to go, then go

  • 14 Feb 2005 05:31:01 GMT

    For me what she says in absolute truth. I always belive that UNP & PA policies were bit similler. JVP has their own view & own policies to each & every issue. But they have to realise that their view is not appling to the entire country and people. Still JVP in 3rd place in country vote wise. So they have to work close with the Government to solve each and every issues in broad manner. But they currntly doing is tring to control majority party by their 39 MP seets. This is not correct.

  • 14 Feb 2005 06:22:19 GMT

    Dear Sir,

    Proud to have a Brave President!

    I was amazed to read IGP waiting presidents orders to arrest a culprit.With all the Laws,Powers and uniforms.Worth questioning is this IGP fit to be the highest arm of the law and gurdian of the common man ?!!!!!