Defence Chief ordered to declare assets

  • 1 Jan 2006 05:13:45 GMT

    Is Bribery Commission on the right line? This maybe another hoax to distract those who want to attack Sandagiri alone, though he should not be spared. In the modern game of deceit the spectator is in for plenty of gimmicks. While everyone is looking at the fake direction of fire the sharks swim away eluding all the nets laid.

    Just look at the other news item. CBK has been issued with the deed for Rs.300 million prime land belonged to the people on a platter. Wouldn?t that make the Giri news a humble pie. It seems MR is either incapable of dealing with the rot in SLFP or...???

    Where can the people look for freedom from corruption? Ranil ?Mr.Clean- the great Messiah of anti corruption.

  • 1 Jan 2006 09:04:35 GMT

    Good that such investigations are carried out but the fact could be that Daya Sandagiri is a UNP supporter! So still there could be the other PA supporters in the forces who are up to all the nefarious activity one can think of till a UNP government comes in to investigate.

    The PA is needed to investigate corruption of UNP supporters and the UNP is needed to investigate corruption of the PA supporters. Ultimately when it is looked at most of these fellows PA or UNP who hold high office under political patronage are utter frauds who should be kicked out!!

    This is how the system works in SL!

  • 1 Jan 2006 17:22:00 GMT

    It is good to see that govt. higher ups are pulled up by the bribery commission. Until and unless these are investigated and guilty punished, the public at large will not have any faith in actions/decisions taken by these officials. This is because the public may feel that the actions of these officials are based on their personal gain rather than the benefit of the country.

    I do hope that many corrupt politiciens too will be pulled up irrespective of the colour they represent.