Govt. lackadaisical in face of killings: UNP

  • 28 Dec 2005 22:25:55 GMT

    Although I have voted against the UNP, I agree with what they say regarding the massacres of the wanni butchers since the RUHUNU PUTHA became the President of Sri Lanka!

    MR wanted to be the strong man to enforce the rule of the law to end the tiger violence. But, it is these wanni beasts who have imposed the `law of the jungle` to terrorize the government.

    How long is MR going to sit & wait till the butchers play hell with the Armed Forces of the country???

    If he can not maintain PEACE & stability in the country he should quit the Presidency & let an able person take the job or give the `carte Blanche` to the Armed Forces to do the necessary to put a halt to the `killings`.

    Many mothers, wives & children weep when their loved ones come home in body bags.

    The Yalpanam university has totally become the property of the tiger henchmen although the staff is paid by the Sri Lankan tax payers and not with the extortion monies of the VBTs.

    The country needs positive acts from the President and the government.

    We may say that being a woman, CBK was much better than MR!

  • 28 Dec 2005 22:32:30 GMT


    You are right guy.

    Come on around a table to talk !

  • 28 Dec 2005 22:35:44 GMT


    Be sensible and watch the language you stupid. This forum is for open discussion and not for F`s and S`s

    The topic under discussion is the sad end of studies for some non tamil students and not ragarding stupid myth.

    I sicerely hope this will not create a reaction in the south as an earlier reply suggested.


    By the way my next door man pays 500 Pounds a month as `kappan`to keep his business going. That is much more than 250,000 isnt it? (not related to the topic)

  • 28 Dec 2005 22:41:52 GMT

    Sorry my earlier post should have been for the item relating to non tamil students in Jaffna university. It appears in the wrong forum.

    The UNP should not worry too much about the situation because Ranil`s defeat at the election saved them from the same criticism that would have levelled against them for things wouldn`t have much different if Ranil won.

    If some people thought Ranil would have taken us to a peaceful solution it is just fantassy, LTTE from the very beginning had no intention of peace. they only needed breathing space to wage war and Ranil provided the opportunity. So it is the responsibility of so called peace makerss to intervene now. If the west had some reason to intervene such as they found in Iraq they would have intervened with some pretext. As SL doesn`t have anything ike that western or for that matter indian intervention is unlikely.

    Why don`t the SL govt. consider pulling back completely allowing the sole representatives of Tamil people to sort out things there?.

    That willallow the govt. cut its defence expenditure cosiderably leading, may be, to surplus in the budget which eventually help the growth and development of the south.

  • 28 Dec 2005 22:54:42 GMT


    Quoted : {{{F`s and S`s}}}

    You are able to correct the other person, but not yourself...

  • 28 Dec 2005 23:16:48 GMT

    The LTTE murder spree is a carefully planned strategy from the LTTE to crush President Rajapakse and the President has taken the bait. LTTE leaders have used the President weak leadership to their advantage.

    He betrayed the Tamil dissident by not appointing Tamils to important ministerial post. The JVP and JHU must be flabbergasted by his move to involve the LTTE friends Norway to continue it`s facilitation. I guess they must have felt like the old emperor in Rome Julius Ceasar when he was stabbed in the back, `You also, my son Brutus`.

    With the one digit % support for the Norwegian facilitation this was a political suicide.

    Today Singapore-based international terrorism expert Rohan Gunaratna blames the failure of the Norway-brokered peace process.

    `Instead of developing a structured peace process that steadfastly works towards disarmament, the Norwegians chose to appease the LTTE with millions of dollars, which only served to make them even more brazen,` he said.

    `The new government has not articulated clearly how they will go about restoring peace and this has put fear in the minds of the LTTE,` said Dr Gunaratna, a Sri Lankan national who has been studying the conflict for more than 20 years.`

    In todays interview to newspaper Mr. Rohan Gonaratna hit the nail on the head. The lack of strategy has confused the LTTE and they have used the latest violence spree to get the future CFA negotiations on LTTE terms. There is no doubt the LTTE violence will force the President to sign on the dotted line. One more decade with LTTE atrocities?

  • 28 Dec 2005 23:22:26 GMT


    Mine was a mistake but your`s was deleberate!

    The first step towards peace is silencing `maniacs` in both sides. Then only you can negotiate for some solution. Yes, as suggested everthing for merit such as university entrance, jobs etc. and forget about the ethnicity and religion completely. It is the people who should decide that we do not need extremist maniacs. Unfortunately they have been in politics and holding power since the british started giving some kind of autonomy.

  • 29 Dec 2005 02:05:11 GMT

    What I cant understand is, why is everyone acting so surprised at the turn of events?

    What did you expect?

    LTTE has told in so many ways that it is not interested in anything other than a separate state. No one has ever been able to force on the LTTE anything that they don`t want. So why is everyone trying to ram peace down their throat? It`s high time people got it into their thick skulls that they don`t want it.

    JVP/JHU/Mahinda were play acting on election stages saying they are going to take things back to 1956. Blamed everything and everyone under the sun, especially the CFA. JVP/JHU/Mahinda is like the boy who falsely cried wolf too many times, the LTTE took them at their word and are shredding the CFA into bits and Mahinda and his Kabuki troupe are trying to protect it like their virginity; it seems after all the bravado they don`t even have a plan other than to go crying to other countries, and it is shameful to watch. It`s about time JVP/JHU/Mahinda in real life be the he-men they were on election-platforms.

    There is one thing that`s going to be rammed down someone`s throat once this is played out; the LTTE will ram reality down the throats of those who voted for JVP/JHU/Mahinda.

    Ranil would have been a rosy lipped sissy/haemo/what-ever-else-you-want-to-add, but he was man enough to tell the truth to the country. He may not be Einstein but he was one of the very few among the Sinhalese who can use his brain and was in certain areas equal to Praba in cunning. When an air-head with good set of teeth and a red amude around his neck can so easily fool half the Sinhalese, why is it such a shock when a shrewd seasoned campaigner like Praba does it time and time again?

    True to form, the news from SL is that, it is now impossible to find anyone who voted for JVP/JHU/Mahinda.

  • 29 Dec 2005 02:23:28 GMT


    Not even a `Fly` to hum in your ears that you are a Traitor!

    These scoundrels deserve what Sir.John emphasized.

    Justifying their claim for religious and racial supremacy by Fear mongering at the cost of lives is what they have promoted .

    However, they have left Mahinda in a dilemma as I try to describe here:

    `Kill him not send him back`. It is now upto Mahinda to place the punctuation all alone by himself. The punctuation has the effect of Saving and Killing the citizens of this nation.

    Soldiers desert from the war theatre.JVP and JHU has deserted Mahinda and the voters who believed in these jokers.


  • 29 Dec 2005 02:49:01 GMT

    Tissa Attanayake and Ranil (and all UNPers):

    Please stop playing politics. Mahinda maama is now in big trouble and he needs your help badly. Please help him!

    Everyone now has realised JHU and JVP were just two mad dogs. Even Mahinda maama does not take them seriously anymore. It is quite clear the only way for peace is the one UNP has introduced. I am sure Mahinda maama is practicle and pragmatic enough to realise this.

    So please stop critisising and join hands with Mahinda maama. If Mahinda maama fails, it is not just him, it will be the country.