Issadeen`s plans scuttled

  • 29 Dec 2005 10:44:01 GMT

    Hi..Vagabond.. you are right.. what is required now is not new organizations, but peace and tranquility in the lives of the innocent.

    Probably Issadeen is trying to meet the LTTE menace by forming an organization to protect his sheep?!. The LTTE is a threat to normal life in the East and the government should try to do something about it.. so that these new type of `groups` would not blossom.

    Good day.!

  • 29 Dec 2005 14:15:22 GMT

    Those who are advocating the `taking to arms and violence` are only doing so to ride the political and ethnic vulnerability of the innocent muslims in their locality/electorate/district to acheive their own agenda - the agenda of how to win the next general elections and continue to become a MP.

    The Muslim Youth are a very strong force in the Eastern Province and they have proven this in many instances. Then you get the adults who have strong centiments towards the `Muslim Cause` in these regions.

    The Presidential Elections have proven that the Sri Lankan Muslims in the Eastern Province strongly and still believe in the DEMOCRATIC PROCESS of resolving their problems through `Representative Politics and the Ballot`. The block votes they gave the SLMC is a strong verdit of this belief, Insha Allah. It has to be commended that the SLMC does not advocate violence or the taking to arms as a solution, in the present context, Insha Allah. Therefore unscrupulous politicians like Segu Issadeen MP and even Attahaullah MP are threatened of loosing their MP post in the next general elections, Insha Allah (God willing).

    So this is another way of kindling the sentiments of the dedicated Muslim Youth and the concerned adults to fall prey to their `mean` schemes. Taking to arms and accepting violence will NOT defend the vulnerable muslims in the eastern province, in the present context. It will ONLY lead us to be slaughtered by the LTTE, seen as a possible threat by the Sri lankan Security Forces and denounced by the International Community as `Muslim Terrorists`.

    There was a very good reason why the late Hon. M.H.M Asharaff during his days denounced Segu Issadeen and removed him from the SLMC high command during his time nad why Ashraff did NOT allow Attahullah to get prominence in the SLMC, because the Late Hon. Ashraff was concious of the fact that both Segu Issadeen and Attahullah will deviate from the path of DEMOCRACY and use `mean` methods of climbing the `Political ladder` in the SLMC. Incidents of political engagements and activities practiced by Attahulla and Segu Issadeen in the near past have more than proved this.

    Therefore, there is NO room for TAKING TO ARMS or using VIOLENCE to defend the Muslims of the Eastern and North Eastern Muslims. Sri Lankan Muslims should believe and respect the use of `REPRESENTATIVE POLITICS and the DEMOCRATIC PROCESS to defend and resolve our problems and the `Muslim Cause`, Insha Allah.

    Noor Nizam.


  • 30 Dec 2005 15:50:44 GMT

    Well said NoorNizam..bravo... Yes..the need of the hour is to rally behind the Muslim Party which is strong rather than giving room for new ones which causes division.


  • 30 Dec 2005 16:40:36 GMT

    Dear noornizam7 ,


    A very responsible contribution from the Muslim community.

    As for Muslims, I have been voicing concerns over the Eastern Muslims only; the guys from cosmopolitan cities in SL are the privileged.

    I hope the Youth understand the undercurrents of this initiation by Muslims.