Mangala stops London deal

  • 25 Dec 2005 04:46:18 GMT

    Who owns this property to be exchanged? Is it a Sri Lankan?

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  • 25 Dec 2005 10:53:09 GMT

    The present Srilankan High commissioner to UK Mrs Shenuka is a close friend of the former president Chandrika, where thats why shenuka was promoted straight from the deputy high commissioner to the post of High commissioner in UK.During the previous High commissioner Mr Mustafa`s time I have visited to this official residence where it`s in a good condition and personally I know even the former president chandrika has stayed there during her visits to London.Maybe there might be minor repairs but there`s no need for the house to be exchanged.This residence is owned by the Sri Lankan Government where the government do not need to pay rent unlike the other residences provided for the Sri Lankan Diplomatic staff in London.Presently the High commissioner is staying at the residence which she occupied when she was holding the post of Deputy High commissioner at Brondesbury Park.The rent for this residence is roughly 3000 sterling pounds per month, which is equivalent to Rs 550000(Srilankan Rupees).The minor repairs of the High commissioners residence which belongs to the government would take maximum of one month, which Mrs Shenuka could have completed long time back and moved to that residence without wasting money on her present residence at Brondesbury Park.High Ranking Officials of the Srilankan government should know it`s a crime to waste the money of the Srilankan public.As a citizen of Sri Lanka Mrs Shenuka knows very well about the poor economic state of our country. I hope that the present President Mr Rajapaksa would take strong action against her even though she`s a friend of Mr Rajapaksa.

  • 25 Dec 2005 15:30:31 GMT

    The bungalow at No. 35, Avenue Road, London, being the only property outrightly owned by the Sri Lanka Goverment in London, was a prestigeous residence since 1961 for a large number of High Commissioners including Mr.Bernard Thilakaratne, Gen.Ranatunga, Mr.Mangala Munasinghe and finally well renowned lawyer Mr.Faisz Musthapha P.C. Suddenly, present High Commissioner, being a very junior officer from the Sri Lanka Foreign Service, after elevating to the post of High Commieeioner, with powerful political backing, wanted to exchange it with a comparatively small house on the same road, for reasons known only to her.

    The land of the proposed house is 35 perchase against 45 perchas of the present one, single road frontage against the double road frontage of present one ( Avenue Road and Town Send Road from rear side)and moreover has strucrural defects in the building according to the report submitted by the committee including Director of Buildings who inspected same. In addition to that this land bears another two storied building presntly occupied by a diplomatic officer. Such a large valuable property ? It is worthwile to ascertain the Purpose of present High Commissioner to exchange this leading to a heavy loss to the Governemnt. The only reason I can see is who are behind the game ? The Esate Agent Ian Green and who can think about ?

    The reasons shown for selling is there are reapairs. Are there any building which does not want repairs ? Now she is occupying a rented out bungalow at N.63, Brondesburry Park, London at a monthly rent of Sterling Pound 5500. ( nearly Rs. 1.0 Mn.)since January 2005. She could have easily repaird this residence during the past one year as it has only minor repairs. More ashamely, she is drawing an allowance of Pound 500 ( Rs. 100,000) per month in the name of her two domestic aids which was meant for maintenance of garden of former residence(35 Avenue Road), by misleading the Government that she is maintaning the garden of the Brondesbury Park house, which is actually maintaind by the landlord on a mutual understanding.

    Eventhough, present President, as the Prime Minister, has stayed several times at the Brndesbury park house when she was DHC, we hope, Minister of Foregn Affairs(who has not stayed there ) will take corrective action to safeguard this valuable property.

  • 26 Dec 2005 09:10:58 GMT

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