JHU calls for rehabilitation reports

  • 24 Dec 2005 00:35:32 GMT

    This is all bull Sh*t... we unable to distribute the aid to the people... all we did was fighting over how it was to be distributed.

    If we dont like the LTTE f***ers thats fine.. atleast some aid should have gone to the unarmed tamil Civilians. That was a good change to show the unity between the communities ......

    Now that we have a new president and a government, i hope things will be sorted.

    Killing eacother for past insidents is bull !!

  • 24 Dec 2005 13:17:48 GMT

    I personally think that monks should not get involved in politics, it would bring a bad image to Buddhism, which has been a peaceful religion for decades.The public should think twice before electing such candidates into power.If these monks are really desperate for power then they should contest as normal civilians without the robe.Using the Robe which represents the significance of Buddhism to achieve personal gains are wrong.I hope the chief Maha Sanga would look into these matters as his duty is to safeguard Buddhism.