Chief Jailer appeals to Court against Prisons chief`s action

  • 23 Dec 2005 00:08:12 GMT

    I know this Chief Jailer from prison, He used to steal all our food and he would send it to his house. After eating too much of these food he has developed chest pain, headache, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

    We would tell him not to eat too much and he would reply ` I am eating your food for my stomach`.

    Who suffers now?

  • 23 Dec 2005 00:23:09 GMT


    I don`t think he had any balls. I did not even have the balls to become a Policeman thats why he was a Jailer.

  • 23 Dec 2005 04:29:57 GMT

    Being a Chief Jailor in Negambo those days was a very lucrative job. All the Tamils arrested at BIA under various pretexts were sent to Negambo remand. Then the fun starts. There are sinhala, Muslim and Tamil brokers who negotiate the deal for visits, special treatment, admission to hospital and even early release. It is a big package.

    There had been a lull during the last few years but now with Mahinda aiya the things look very promising. So obviously the guy won`t like to go on transfer. Or may be the Commissioner likes to send one of his catchers to Negambo to make a fortune.

    Make hay while the sun shines.