Alcoholic husband vows sober love for wife

  • 20 Dec 2005 00:29:21 GMT

    With me limited knowledge on legal systems; I don`t understand how a judge can improvise her own method of punishment. Any thing is possible in Shri Lanka.

    However, if more judges follow this procedures Lipton Circus could become a tourist attraction.

    Some suggested boards

    `I slammed my child against the wall - I am a SLA soldier`

    `I am convicted of GBH at night clubs - I am a ministers son.

    `I am a thug because I am a monk`

    `I swindled the Treasury - I am the President`

    Etc. Etc.

    We could also ask the monks to open an office and collect donations from the tourist.

  • 20 Dec 2005 00:37:48 GMT

    He should be put on the Lipton circus and whipped everyday by women; for 30 days minimum.

    Given a urine bath in public by women.

    This kind of punishment will suit our politicians too.


  • 20 Dec 2005 02:54:10 GMT

    If these uneducated three wheel drivers find this easy to fool the educated judges, what SB said could not be that wrong.


  • 20 Dec 2005 02:55:25 GMT


    I like the punishment you suggested for this man and extending it to politicians too.

  • 20 Dec 2005 04:59:17 GMT


    This is why I said the whole thing has gone wrong in SL. It has gone to a point of no return. The judges are not an exception too. If they can make love to married women in the banks of Diyawanne Oya and then punish the police officers for spying on their carnal activities then what else one could expect?

  • 20 Dec 2005 05:18:03 GMT


    Very correct. The whole of SL has gone severely wrong. Gloriosa Superba (aka Niyangala) should therefore deserve more recognition than as the `national` flower of bunch of maniacs.

    BTW, what has happened to the judge you mentioned is very sad..isn`t it?



  • 20 Dec 2005 08:28:40 GMT

    These kind of punishment only encourage fools like these people to commit more of what he`s already committed on helpless women.

    It clearly shows that jungle law still exist in`DHARMADHDHEEPAYA`. If politicians get away with murder this is nothing. We haven`t gone that far from the primitive years since rights were introduced.

    As for the judge.( For heavens sake this is not JUDY DENCH I`m talking about). She should be ashamed of her self for ruling out such an Idiotic verdict. Being a woman, and seeing another woman who has suffered in the Arms of a man, wonder how she gains respect from her own kind.

  • 20 Dec 2005 09:08:22 GMT

    The problem lies with our chief justice. He should monitor judgements given by all judges and take remadial actions.

  • 20 Dec 2005 14:08:18 GMT

    I will disagree with some of you. here is my take on it.

    this might be a new thing in the south but this is what LTTE did in the early 80`s. In a liberation war so many aspects needs to be considered. One was the security of the people and the social behaviour. In the midst of the war the police was inside barricaded and the common man`s compliant wasnt heard. LTTE came out saying we will also play policemen.

    for minor crimes the perp was tied to a lamp post with a note of his crimes hung from his neck and a time written for his release. for major crimes capital punishment was meted out and again the lamppost was used.

    the lamppost wasnt used to light up the night, it was used to light up the mind :)

    Justice IMHO has two parts.

    1. to punish the perp and give justice to the victim. Sometime s it come out as revenge so the victim feels releived. This is a reactive way to fight it.

    2. act as a deterant. when the gen population knows the punishment they will think twice about commiting a crime.

    this is probably a proactive way to fight crime.

    If this man was convicted and thrown in jail point 1 wouldve been satisfied but point 2 wouldnt. the gen population wouldnt be talking about this. warning to all wife beaters.

    NO means NO.:)

  • 20 Dec 2005 15:53:59 GMT


    Holy cow!!

    GOSL Judges are partly learning from LTTE, supposedly the Kangaroo Courts as identified by the Patriots.