More than 100 taken in on `Stranger`s Night`

  • 18 Dec 2005 22:34:50 GMT

    Mahinda`s promissed salary increase to the forces already started. They will be now making in thousands. Sangaree and Douglas may be the touts and brokers.

    I am worried about poor Oldpulli with all his love for living among the majority freely, don`t know where he is? He went on a holiday to SL.

  • 18 Dec 2005 23:51:57 GMT gosh I should keep only my Canadian citizenship.

    Canadian embassey is my only saviour!

    SL citizenship becoming a piece if sh*t.


  • 19 Dec 2005 00:08:27 GMT

    Thamil and Fairplay,

    What Thamil says is correct. No salli, no matter whether it is Sinhala or Tamil, you are in trouble.

    Machan thamil, you will be surprised to know among the 100 arrested there have been quite a few ladies...ehem... of leisure. I dont know if the operation was aimed at whom I mean ladies or Tamils. Got the news from Bamba police. Trying to help a friend of mine whose son is also detained. I know the young man, has nothing to do with the LTTE. In fact the guy is trying to put some serious miles between himself and the LTTE. Apparently they dont like his face!

    Hopefully the boy will be relased soon (if not already). Poor chap was after a party and was in good spirits when he was arrested.

  • 19 Dec 2005 00:23:36 GMT

    Machan SK63,

    What made you get involved is your esteemed position/background than the money. I believe these people who have come to you for help have money already.

    Money & influence both need to be employed in this kind of situations.

    Canadian citizenship is a better influence than the money I believe; as long as you can prove that you are not aligned with the LTTE.

    Charles Gnakone`s is an extra ordinary case enviously by his connection at both ends.


  • 19 Dec 2005 01:24:26 GMT

    This is what you call provocation and it is not a good thing just before the preparation for peace talks. When the modern technology is so advanced this type of cordon and search operation is just a joke to search for Tamils in Wellawatte. There are enough patriotic mercenary youths from the outskirts of Colombo who could be mobilized at a moments notice. In our country patriotism is second to money.

  • 19 Dec 2005 01:36:35 GMT

    All who supports the LTTE .... run run run to south india .. or you will be chased to south india .. where you belong !!!

  • 19 Dec 2005 05:51:04 GMT


    Nehe machan, I got involved in because of my friend. This is his son. The young man is doing some British accounting exams. The boy was given a hard time in Jaffna too by some othet boys. This young man is from Hartley college. He has nothing to do with LTTE. Atually LTTE does not even like him.

    Not to worry. The boy is out. i spoke to him. The bugger was after a party. He was so drunk the bugger could not tell the cops anything (in Tamil or English). Anyway he is in Mount now, nothing to worry. I cant get through to his dad.

  • 19 Dec 2005 05:59:05 GMT

    This is part of the operation to arrest all the suicide bombers and other LTTE trouble makers.

    LTTE forum members do not like it.

  • 19 Dec 2005 06:01:35 GMT

    Mahinda maame,

    Well done! This is exactly how Hitler has started cleansing the German and then Polish cities from Jews! We should send all these Tamil terrorists living in Colombo to concetration camps. Then Mahinda Maama and Sriranthi nenda can sleep in peace!

    Mahinda Maamata Jayaweva!

  • 19 Dec 2005 06:13:45 GMT


    You are writing BS.

    In Hitler`s case, Polish citizens were the innocent. They were not hiding in their to blow up them selves or to disrupt the city life.