Bharatha unhappy over Dallas` appointment

  • 16 Dec 2005 16:21:18 GMT

    Bharatha is one of the first, in the LONG LONG LONG line of people who will be unhappy with Mahinda, very soon.

    When someone comes to power on a pack of LIES, DECEPTION, CHEATING and with the help of two groups of thugs (JVP + LTTE)... he will find it very difficult to run a government and its a matter of time before things collaspes :)

  • 16 Dec 2005 17:24:09 GMT

    It is very wrong for any body to say that Bharatha is a Thug to my fullest knowledge he is one of the best politician free of corruption like bribes etc. Every human has a shortcoming and this is a well known factor. I repeat again and strongly comment that Bharatha is the best politician whom i have had a 10 years association and he is totally free of corruption,insincerity,comunnal etc. We shouldd always analysie anybody throgh depth thinking and not comment like idiots. Bharatha`s time will come and i strongly comment that he will be in no time the no 1 politician of Sri Lanka.

  • 16 Dec 2005 17:58:13 GMT

    Fazaltc...........Thats an hell of a big character certificate you have given to Mr Bharatha !! He must have done something really big to earn that.

    I don`t personally know which comment is correct, yours or Piyal`s. But I remember one thing.......this Bharatha is a really good actor. After the LTTE bomb attack on CBK at town hall in 1999, where she had lost her eye, he appeared on Rupavahini around noon the next day, wearing some dirty clothes with red stains, supposed to be blood from the victims of the attack!! (would you believe that?)He gave a nice performance too,which I am sure did fool at least some voters!!It was pure propaganda after the election campaign was officially over.My point is, MR could have used such a talented person in the parliament.

  • 16 Dec 2005 22:20:35 GMT

    Now everybody says they positively campaign to HE Mahinda Rajapakse and therefore they should be treated accordingly. See how these guys work in politics. I suppose Dallus is the best parson to replace former FM Mr Kadiragaman. He has not involved with derty politics or has not given bad examples to public. He did not contest last time because he was not happy with CBK, who has involved with a lot of corruptions. Mr Allahapperuma is a good gentlemen and good journalist. You should not compare Bharatha`s quality with Dallus. I am confidence president has taken a good decision to take Mr.Allahapperuma to the parliment and he should be given a better poftfolio so that we can get his service to the country.

  • 16 Dec 2005 23:30:27 GMT

    Intuitive Trust is essential to succeed in Sri Lankan Politics. There should be no logical reason needed for the appointment made subjectively. Those who seek `logical` explanations need to develop an objective system. Until then they do not have the authority to protest against Presidential decisions.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia

  • 17 Dec 2005 04:35:51 GMT

    Dear Bhsmk, I am surprised at your comments there is no requirement for Bharatha to capitalise on any issues including the Town hall bomb because he non being a Minister he entered parliament as MP on several occasions where even many lost their seat even them being ministers. I think you got my point when you contest parliament election as being a minister you have all resources funds,people,vehicles,ministry employees etc etc but Bharatha without all these he became MP . I make a request not only to you but to other Bharatha critics pay a visit to his House in the morning and see the crowd at his house every day, all these people come to get work done and they heve confidence that he will sincerely attend to their requests without strings attached. Finally think before you leap.