Prabhakaran cannot expect President to solve ethnic problem in two weeks says Mahanayake

  • 11 Dec 2005 21:33:38 GMT


    Your mind is crooked. Somarama59 is a Sinhalese who speak in favor of Tamils. He is not prejudice like you.That`s all.

  • 11 Dec 2005 21:47:15 GMT


    Hi Somarama I knew a friend of mine did BS,MS agriculture in UP. His name start with V.B...

    contact me if you knew him

  • 11 Dec 2005 22:26:45 GMT

    `I am from Ampitiya,Kandy.

    Kandy is my home town and I know in and out of Maligawa`


    Nice to hear that you know in-out of Maligawa? How did you feel when a bomb was exploded at the temple of the tooth by the LTTE?

    A man of justice, please justify this.


  • 11 Dec 2005 22:30:57 GMT

    Prabakaran or the leader of the world`s # 1 terrorist outfit is asking for a `peaceful solution` within weeks because he knows that it is impossible.

    The wanni butchers left the peace talks and started to fatten their arsenal under the guise of the most infamous CFA. While killing their opponents, the VBTs made much progress in preparing another conflict with the GOSL.

    Now that we have a new President, the murderers are putting pressure on him for an `unwanted` & `impossible` quick solution.

    Their ambition is crystal clear: when a `solution` does not come as avathaar wants, he wants to show the world that the GOSL has no interest in a peaceful solution....and will start anther killing & destruction spree!!

  • 11 Dec 2005 22:46:40 GMT


    What a load of gibberish you said there.! Are you trying to beat Thamil for hilarious muck here? Just because you are from Ampitiya, how would you claim to know in and out of maligawa all? Well, I am from the heart of kandy and I know thousands in and around maligawa (including former Diyawadana Nilame) but not only I or those many I know, but even Diyawadana Nilame doesn`t know all about Maligawa.Who are you then?

    Follow that .. you then go on to say something totally different to in and out of maligawa.

    Of course the good General may have gone to get the blessings from the high prelates and the tooth relic after accepting the highest military post. How would Prabha or anybody expect the president to solve anything in two weeks? So it`s a fair comment for the prelate to make.

    War or not depends on how much genuine the LTTE will be.

    Further, in case you didn`t know it, the successive governments made all sorts of efforts to sort it out but the LTTE ain`t have none of it, just the shylock type Eelam, that has always been the case.

  • 11 Dec 2005 22:57:25 GMT

    Judging by Somarama`s words, perhaps he must have celebrated when Maligawa was bombed by the LTTE. I am surprised if he is genuinely from Ampitiya.

  • 11 Dec 2005 23:06:20 GMT

    Well, Ven.Mahanayake Thera,

    Mahinda will never be able to solve the ethnic problem under a unitary state. Not in two weeks. Not in a thousand weeks.

    You supported Mahinda`s stance on the ethnic issue and now you are begging Prabhakaran to give him time.

    If you stop interfering in state matters it will make it much easier for the politicians to solve this problem.

  • 11 Dec 2005 23:11:03 GMT

    ((These Tamil estate workers are the backbone of this country, without them Sri lanka will collapse.))

    Well said. I couldn`t agree with you more!

  • 11 Dec 2005 23:12:07 GMT


    I don`t know. Why don`t you ask him directly?

    I posted a question to Mr.Soma59 and am waiting to hear his justifications. He is the man of Justice from Ampitiya. Be patient, I am sure he will find the justice.

  • 11 Dec 2005 23:17:56 GMT

    If you ignorant monks did not teach lies to the innocent Sinhalese and advocate racism there would not have been a problem at all.

    Why don`t you do what set to achieve initially? The Nirvana.

    The way you lot go on about you all will be perished, thus attain Nirvana.

    Are you trying to achieve what you couldn`t by meditation, by involving in politics and violence. For example: