Oslo wants to know stand of JVP and JHU

  • 9 Dec 2005 20:13:17 GMT


    did you get the email?

  • 9 Dec 2005 20:42:26 GMT

    JHU and JVP are playing significant role today. But, they are not representing the government though they are driving the government. Let them to take some responsibilities and the opportunity to understand the reality. During UNP regime Norway turned the blind eye to other parties but, now they realized there are interested parties other than the GOSL and LTTE.

    If we want to implement CFA properly, we should discuss with all the interested parties including Karuna faction and Muslims. This will enable to stop the shadow war. Otherwise, LTTE and GOSL nag each other putting the country at risk all time.

    The GOSL should introduce new members from other countries to the monitoring mission eventually.

  • 9 Dec 2005 20:46:36 GMT

    This is a good stand taken by the Norway, and should settle the matter of different parties pulling in different directions.

    In effect, what they are telling Rajapakse, is to get his house in order and speak in one voice. It`s about time this was done. Otherwise, he`ll just invite Norway now, but in the few months time start parading the country once again blasting the Norwegians for whatever they are doing...

  • 9 Dec 2005 20:50:56 GMT

    Good on you Norway. since the two legs of the govt are these two lets clarify before we go down the path of talks. And please lets get on with it.

  • 9 Dec 2005 23:11:20 GMT

    Continues involvement of Oslo = CFA

    Mahinda Rajapaksa have to chose between CFA and JVP+JHU+Karuna.

    Either he give up CFA or the JVP+JHU+Karuna.

    CFA = Political SERVAIVAL of Mahinda

    The question now is wether JVP+JHU+Karuna is grater than the Survaival of Mahida.

    Time will soon answer this historical question.

  • 9 Dec 2005 23:57:00 GMT

    These Oslo goons are trying to poke their fingers again in the affairs of the SL government & the elected President.

    Its high time these buggers are chased out of SRI LANKA & let the elected President do the Jobs he likes!!

  • 10 Dec 2005 02:37:12 GMT

    OSLO has done a good job by internationalising this problem. The full credit of this goes to CBK.

    LTTE would now think twice before a war. Because he knows how crusual international support is in his journey for EELAM.

    He also knows that he lost the battle to capture palali due to the military support that west and USA gave to the govt in 2000.

    So, Mr. Prabhakaran,

    If you are confident you can fight and see. We will defend our land. Take our word on it.

    But overall we are more than happy and pleased to see LTTE in gentleman politics. We would love to see you as the chief minister of EELAM state in the Sri Lankan Federation.

    It is you who have to make up your mind.

  • 10 Dec 2005 03:43:53 GMT

    Mr .Brown,

    who is editing these news items? What is the meaning of this paragraph?

    The Ambassador briefed Mr. Thamilselvan on his meeting with President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the government`s invitation for the continuation of Norway`s role as facilitator and his visit to New Delhi with former peace envoy and Norway`s Development Minister Erik Solheim.

    Does it mean that Thamilselvan was present when he discussed this issue with the President?

  • 10 Dec 2005 05:06:49 GMT

    But then again, this is a stupid question... It`s like asking Bill Clinton what his opinion on extramarital intimacy is, and George Bush on what how ethical petroleum companies should be.

    Not even the JVP / JHU fellows would know what their stand is on this issue.

  • 10 Dec 2005 07:24:46 GMT

    Oslo should demand the sri lankan government to ban all these sinhalese extremists political parties (JVP and JHU ) in Sri lanka to pave the way for peace.

    Appita JVP/JHU eppa. Appita ohne peace only