Intel. Corp Chairman visits Isipatana College

  • 7 Dec 2005 17:01:25 GMT


    Are you a Sri Lankan or did you studied their as a foreign student? Seems to be you don`t know actual satuation there..

    I really can`t understand, even for this kind of business related article you people talking about Elam.

    First of all ....There is no Shri Lanka.Its SRI LANKA.

    If you never seen Tamils and Sinhalese living together peacefully probably you haven`t been to Our Sri Lanka. Please go to south or east, there you will see how Sinhalese and Tamils live together.

    Only racist people say they can`t live together.

  • 7 Dec 2005 22:25:13 GMT

    Mr Vagabond,

    Intel corp. decided to invest 1 billion not 3 ...

    And the other thing, it`s false when you say that Tamils and Sinhalas cannot live together... It`s not right..

    I think what you tried to say it`s that Sinhalas and Tamils have their own tradition and culture.

    It`s why you (as me) think that there is two clear nations in the island.

  • 8 Dec 2005 03:00:14 GMT

    `I cannot see Tamils and Sinhalese living together (I have not seen in my life time)`

    Sounds like you have no idea about Sri Lanka and its people. Before you comment on ethnic issue, please spend some time to learn the culture, ethnic groups, economy and history of Sri Lanka or at least ask somebody in this forum.

  • 10 Dec 2005 04:20:00 GMT

    Freethink thinks that the east is an example of where thamils and sinhalese live together peacefully? Is that why its an extremely volative area? He also claims only racist people can`t live together... so all those partitions in the nations of the world are caused by racists? The east timorese are racist because they couldn`t live with the brutal Indonesian military?

  • 10 Dec 2005 06:12:24 GMT


    All those partitions are caused by racists or exclusive ideology inspired activists on both sides.

    East timore is not an exception. Catholic East tomorese couldn`t live under the structure of a muslim dominated Indonesia. And the extremeists in Muslim Indonesia couldn`t accomodate the aspirations of cathilic east timorese.

    Indonesia would have been geographically big and financially wealthy enough to rise as a super power down the line and some players in the region and in the world didn`t want it. That is why they broke up the country.

    As V.S. Naipual bluntly put in his `The bend in the river` Europeans are able to self-assess and hence are able to cope up with change more easily than `us`. On the contrary we have no past or present. We just live in present as we are told. In some parts of our world we reamin same even in 21st century. That is why when North America and Europe move towards greater inetgration, we talk about separation and hatred.