Kotakadeniya intent on setting police right

  • 4 Dec 2005 01:14:47 GMT

    This will be the best offesinve against UNP too.


  • 4 Dec 2005 05:11:41 GMT

    Wasn`t he involved in the Athurugiriya Safe house fiasco?

  • 4 Dec 2005 05:15:48 GMT

    No, That was Ranil`s friend Kulasiri Udugampola


  • 4 Dec 2005 07:13:43 GMT

    At last a proper place for a well dicsiplined Police Officer who executed duties honestly while in office has been offered atleast after retirement.

    Our most humble request is to cleanse the corrupted Police from TOP to BOTTOM.Pl get reid of the corrupted Police Thugs who makes a haul of heroine into just ordinary powder at the trials and allows the big drug guns to go scot free.

    Stop the police attrocities to the helpless ordinary citizens at the hands of the Police Thugs.

    PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Make the Sri Lanka Police a Guardian of the CITIZENS.

    May the Blessings of the Triple Gem Give protection to CLEANSE THE CORRUPTED POLICE!

  • 4 Dec 2005 11:36:56 GMT

    He`s a determined person and means business.

    All the best Kotake.

  • 4 Dec 2005 11:58:41 GMT

    Kotakadeniya was a thorough officer & gentlemen. He was never afraid to speak the truth and was always very straigh-forward. CBK denied him of his due promotion to the position of IGP. Thus I guess he wants to return to state service to complete his mission that was left incomplete when he had to retire.

    Good luck & all the very best Kotake!

  • 4 Dec 2005 13:25:00 GMT

    Mr. Kotakadeniya : In the present times & climate, it takes

    a person lot of courage & guts to

    state what you have said.

    Yes Sir, you have got it right and have

    the knowledge & the ability.

    Wish you god speed,the strength & the


    Wish you every success.

  • 4 Dec 2005 16:26:17 GMT

    I wish there are more of Kotakadeniya`s in Sir Lanka

    He is brilliant and he will do an enormous service to the police force and sri Lanka

    Under CBK leadership he would never got this appointment

    Firstly LTTE will not approve of it and

    That rascal Thomdaman will block it

    We have a few of his caliber in Sri Lanka, but very few who will take a salary cut to serve the country.

    Let us wish him well and give him the moral support

  • 5 Dec 2005 04:21:16 GMT

    My congratulations! I wish this appointment is the turning point in Sri Lankan legal system. Kotakadeniya has a massive role to play to track down thugs, drug kingpins and corrupted officers. I know one incident where a renown businessmen was killed by a thug after refused to pay bribes. Later we found his murderer was killed by Police before he exposed the polices officers who also were behind the case. It was revealed that Police had connection with bribes.