UNP urges Mahinda to appoint Ind. Commission members

  • 3 Dec 2005 04:19:13 GMT

    Mahinda would never appoint such independent commissions because he knows that he will have to hold general elections early and if there was an independent commission then he can`t cheat like cutting names from the electoral list

  • 3 Dec 2005 04:33:02 GMT

    This is something good to do if Sri Lanka is to move forward.

  • 3 Dec 2005 04:48:45 GMT


    Don`t cry now. UNP should have raised this cutting names issue before the election since its party supporters are not babies to wait till the last minute check these things.

    What has really happened is all bogus names from the list have been removed. On the other hand if some body does not receive his polling card he/she could have reported it to the party well before the election.

    Treat this as childish excuse given by UNP. You don`t have to have subject commissions to rectify errors in the voters` register.

  • 3 Dec 2005 05:11:10 GMT

    New President is asking peoples help with 2/3 rds of the majority in the Parliament for constitution changes.

    Everybody should help.

  • 3 Dec 2005 08:29:53 GMT

    The Election Commissioner is highly inefficient. If he wanted to get rid of all the names UNP surreptitiously put into the electoral register from 1977, through the goons called ?Vishasa Seva Niladari? he should have cut double the amount they said(800,000). We all can remember how the ?Five Star Democracy? was.

  • 3 Dec 2005 08:56:13 GMT

    Does the UNP know that they have lost power

    Lost at the Presidential election

    Lost at the General Election

    Why can`t the UNP `shut up` and let the new man do the job he was elected to do.

    I am sure he will appoint those he thinks is best suited for the job. He will fill the vacancies he think it is necessary not what UNP did when they had some power

    Mr. Kotakadeniya, as the new

    Defence Advisor in charge of the Police

    is one appointment we can be proud of

  • 3 Dec 2005 09:07:21 GMT

    The excuse is commensurate with the intelligence of Ranil and his advisers.

  • 3 Dec 2005 10:45:19 GMT

    United, Elections commission is very independent. If MR doesn`t appoint anybody, the current incumbent will stay on. So there is no problem there. What is missing is, the commission doesn`t have its due membership, I guess five in all.

    Even if MR fills the vacancies, it will not make any difference. The nominees can`t be his brothers, because the names will have to be approved by the select committee in the end which has no government majority.

    Those days, the election days were set by the president, or rather the astrologers, but now it`s elections commissioner. He even appointed a competent authority for state media this time. He has police powers and everything else.

    The ommission of names is stupid for UNP to take up. If you don`t get a polling card, you can check with your gramaseveka, well before the elections. If the Gramaseveka doesn`t have your names, either you haven`t filled an electoral form, so it is your mistake or if not, your GS will have to lose his job.

  • 3 Dec 2005 10:58:00 GMT

    Wijesinghe, I am not sure how you could be proud of having Kotakadeniya as an advisor. Yes he`s talked a lot, but mostly after he was refused his promotion by the UNP government and he continued foul crying after his retirement. Luckily for him, there was JHU. It`s like Jayantha Dhanapala`s case.

    The government usually appoint a man who they could trust to the top jobs. He wasn`t badly done by at all, he had a seniority issue, but it was questionable and his wife was involved in scandals, so it is fair the government overlooked him. Anandarajah wasn`t a trustworthy guy at all but if the government had faith in him, you have to accept it.

    Maj.Gen Janaka Perera, Justice Palitha Wanasundara and many other senior officers were overlooked by different governments for many other forces, courts and police related jobs. It`s a subtle issue.

    But most others kept quite or did honourable jobs afterwards but Kotakadeniya started crying loud like Dhanapala. May be what he says is good, useful and respectful, but he should have done it while in the job.

    Anyway, let`s hope he does an honourable job this time and hope he will not force Mahinda to appoint his wife for a motor traffic commissioner post.

  • 3 Dec 2005 14:34:48 GMT


    The constituotional council consituited by the 17th amendment to the constituition which consists of the Prime Minister, the opposition leader, the speaker and five nominees of the president has already recommended the names. President can`t just appoint anybody.

    He only has to formalise the appointement. CBK was sleeping on it and its time for MR to action.

    The poor election commissioner is crying to retire.

    Give him a break for god`d sake!!