Death to father for dashing infant daughter to death

  • 1 Dec 2005 23:26:59 GMT

    Army deserters should be rehabilitated before they are let into the society.

    These deserters are the walking time bombs in sri lanka that any body would be willing to plant to creating a civil riot.

    These fellows are the human resources that the GOSL mis managed.


  • 1 Dec 2005 23:36:28 GMT


    How do we rehabilitate a deserter, he/she is not going reveal his/hrs identity. They will live among the ordinary population as innocent civilians. The GOSL should review the recruitment process to SLA. Proper tests, training, education should be provided before they are made a soldier. Training in many aspects should be provided such as politics, law, etc.

  • 1 Dec 2005 23:53:15 GMT

    Dear Vagabond,

    However much training is given prior to deployment there are other factors that affect their performance during deployment.

    When in the War theatre, they are in a different geographical location and atmosphere. They are not 100% trained in the same kind of environment during training.

    There is no real simulated training offered to these soldiers like the one offered to Senior Officers in the foreign countries. These soldiers are more affected by their endurance and anxiety than other reasons.

    During engagement with the enemy they are at a disadvantage other than the motivation given by the Commanders etc. They are more isolated in the barracks during the interval and do not take a psychological assessment or training as required in the manual that is a luxury for only the Officers.

    What do you think happens to them. Our Oldpulii is in a better state in comparison to these deserters.


  • 2 Dec 2005 00:10:01 GMT


    I agree with you fully,

    We/GOSL should realise that we do not have the resources to go to war. The Marxists and xenophobic monks who call them self `Buddhists` also should realise these.

    I think fedaral solution is ideal we have similar system in India they do have our disputes with neighbouring states however they are united as Indians. There is a fedaral system in America, I am sure Jews will not live in Montana, however Americans are united.

    So I still support a fedaral state before we lose every thing by ethically and economically degrading the society.

  • 2 Dec 2005 00:39:54 GMT

    Fairplay talk big.

    They need to understand the trauma people go through when cme from the battle field. Imagine the real situation.

    GOSL has to begin psychiatric counselling to soldiers and tamil civilians.

  • 2 Dec 2005 01:27:56 GMT


    I agree after being traumatised by Shri Lankan Thugs, Police, Marxists and xenophobic monks Tamil civilian do need counseling. Thanks for being so considerate.

  • 2 Dec 2005 01:35:21 GMT


    I agree with you, after being traumatised by Shri Lankan Thugs, Police, Marxist and Xenophobic Monks the Tamil Civilians do need counseling. Thanks for being considerate.

  • 2 Dec 2005 01:57:18 GMT

    We have to live peacefully(?) with this kind of people..??? this is how they treating their own kids. but sinhala idiots in this forum worrying abt ltte`s child soldiers.

  • 2 Dec 2005 04:24:25 GMT

    What a heart breaking tragedy.

    This young man an army deserter should be mentally unstable to do this kind of vicious and criminal act to an infant whether he is the father of that child or not. Wars bring so much of misery to human beings, and our society unfortunately does not have enough resources to deal with such issues out of the battle field.

  • 2 Dec 2005 12:15:33 GMT

    Another Sick Sri Lankan like the majority of them immaterial of which religion or caste