Fowzie walks out of meeting

  • 1 Dec 2005 08:30:26 GMT

    Lot more to come! he he he he

  • 1 Dec 2005 11:18:12 GMT

    If this happens under a UNP minister for transport, CHANDANA`s body would have been found in the Piliyandala tank(if there is one)...

    Everyone knows that Fowzie is a gentleman.

    Chandana, be a man , man.

  • 1 Dec 2005 15:32:53 GMT

    Mr fowzie

    you are trying to do something useful.that man hasn`t repaired the road to his own place claiming none of the people around voted for him.i was a neihbour to him.he is a mad and an incapable character.Get on with your work.nobody cares for him in piliyandala.Good luck.

  • 1 Dec 2005 15:52:22 GMT

    I think Mr. Fowzie is one of the better Ministers I have seen during past few governments. He has done a lot during the past but we all know he cannot do everything by his own. I think public should support him to carry on with his business. I have been to Sri Lanka and to piliyandala town recently and it is like a hell to me. All the pedestrains were walking on the middle of the road and there were no pavements on either side and buses were parked on both sides of the road. The bus stand was very poorly maintained and water puddles were all over the parking space and the public toilets near the stands were stinking. I had seen a monument opened by Mrs. C to construct a bridge but I really don`t think this is going to happen in another 10/15 years. I do hope that Mr. Fowsie has courage to tackle any obstacles and do something for piliyandala town.

  • 1 Dec 2005 19:32:50 GMT

    I havent been in Lanka for a long time. But as a teenager used to live in the Kasbawa electorate. SO this chandana guy is the one who had this mustach and curly hair. If I can remember right he is One of Mrs C`s big suck ups and use to sell Kasippu. DOnt know how true this is but people used to say that. Maybe he wants a bridge so he can carry on selling the Kassippu under the Bridge.

    Lanka needs Flyovers to improve the transport system. But I think before we go further down to Piliyandala we need Flyovers linking Havlock to the Dutugamunu street. Then fly over road over the Kohuwela road. well I am not dreaming here. what I am trying to say is bottle necks are identified and priorotised. Good Luck Fowzie. We dont say Ela Fouzie for nothing.

    Maybe he gets Comissions for all the projetcs. But at leasts he`s done something and its visible through out the country.