Chandrika-Ranil consensus improbable even now

  • 28 Nov 2005 02:57:36 GMT

    What a load of horse sh*i!

    Kumaratunga, having insulted and undermined Ranil`s government, accusing him of betraying the country and a threat to national security, is telling Ranil to `please work with me` ...

    Go and tell these stories to kondey bandapu cheennunta...

    Can`t believe that LankaNewspapers would publish this sort of word-of-mouth `trust me, this is what **really** happened BS!@!

  • 28 Nov 2005 03:10:41 GMT

    `Kohomba Gahata Karawila Wela Giyaa Wage..`


  • 28 Nov 2005 03:25:19 GMT

    There are NO permenant Friends or enimies in Politics.

    Ranils and CBK hated each other. Now their common enemy is Mahinda.

    Mahinda is having his HONEY MOON at the moment because he JUST won the elections. This euphoria wont last for too long. Mahinda, by his own admission has ONLY A `VAGUE` idea about whats going on around him. Despite what many people say on this forum, the Ability to `Clap to a beat`, a Charming Smile and a Red Towel, wont solve the problems of a country. In fact they will only make things worse.

    In about six months time, things will start to fall apart. THe JVP knowns this and they are NOT even sitting with the Govt after HOOTING so much. The JVP got Mahinda to agree to make promises impossible to give. They know this, we know this - the ONLY people who dont know this are Mahindas supporters. Either that or they are in Denial - which is most likely the case :) :)

    Thats when CBK and RAnil/Karu will team up to hang Motta rala. :) :)

    Mahinda knows the Danger of letting CBK come to parliament. He is trying his best to stop her. If she gets into parliament, she will start the destruction of Mahinda from day one and no one is better than CBK when it comes to destroying her own party :) :) :)

  • 28 Nov 2005 14:07:46 GMT

    Premadasa had to sacrifice his life because he did not trust JR`s people in his own government.

    I wonder whether Mahinda is going to follow Premadasa in this respect (not developing the country).

    Mahinda cannot destroy Chandrika or his confidents. If he tries to do so, he will dig his own grave.

    I am sure one day Mangala will align with CBK.

    CBK may trust Ranil more than P(ercy) Mahinda.

  • 28 Nov 2005 16:41:23 GMT

    All Sri Lankan politicians are short sighted. They don`t see the long term outcome, but willing to grab the immediate opportunity. The reason for this kind of act is all of them know that their political life is very short and the `hereditary stupidity` of politicians drive to take stupid decisions....

    However it turned out to be a good lesson for Ranil, ( if the story is true )

    More over, CBK is a shameless `female K9`, so that she can make any disgusting move.

    Let`s wait and see how she and her `mallo` ruin their dignity and their parents` legacy..

  • 28 Nov 2005 16:53:28 GMT


    Good one!!!

  • 28 Nov 2005 18:29:36 GMT

    Srilanakan politics suck. None of them have a back bone. One thing they are good for is GASMAARU. Their actions are a good read, though nothing gets done. I sure do enjoy taking the micky out of them, and watching what a bunch of Idiots they are.