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Honours for top businessmen
Friday, 25 November 2005 - 2:07 AM SL Time

Several of the country`s captains of industry, top businesspersons and economists were among Sri Lankans who were conferred national honours by President Chandrika Kumaratunga, in one of her last official engagements, last week.

Among those who were conferred with the Desamanya title were former Central Bank Governor A.S. Jayawardene and present Governor Sunil Mendis, Harry Jayawardena, Lalith de Mel, Prof M.T.A. Furkhan, Mahesh Amalean, Mano Selvanathan, Nihal Jinasena, Deva Rodrigo, Sohli Captain, Tom Ellawela, Macky Hashim, Patrick Amarasinghe, Tilak de Zoysa and eminent economist Professor W.D. Lakshman.

Other awards were presented to Damitha Ramanayake, Chris Canekeratne, Daya Wettasinghe, Daya Ratnayake, Edgar Gunatunga, Hiran Cooray, Rajan Britto, Ms Mallika Hemachandra, Manik Rodrigo, S. D. Gunadasa, Sanath Ukwatte, Tony Weerasinghe and Ms Barbara Sansoni.

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