LTTE politically assassinates Ranil: Major blunder by Polls Chief

  • 25 Nov 2005 11:13:52 GMT

    While agreeing most coments by author , the author forgot that elecetion was monitored by International community , LTTE had said it will allow people to vote freely if people wanted to do so.

    as a governing body people were looking at LTTE to indicate who to vote LTTE idicated both candidates are killer one is a silent killer the other is also a killer. therefore people decided not to vote.

    even before election days all major televisions ( international televisions interviewing people said they will not vote , week before elcetion when BBC and other asked people ,they said they are waiting fo indication from LTTE and whoever LTTE indicate they would vote) it is only srilnakan state media not doing the proper job and informing people.

    on election day people noone stoped anyone from voting , it was some students just like we did years ago put road blocks for fun.

    EU have said LTTE did not stop those student from putting the road blocks. did not say LTTE intimidate people.

    and those road blocks was in one or two places only.

    here the author favors repole in those areas, but reelection will do same result , in Northeast EPDP riged votes that is why that some votes came otherwise total boycot.

    election commisioner fully aware of this and he is experianced and he would not decide not to repole in north east without confidently believing repole will give same result ( as both candidate havesimiler number votes) he would have spoken to election monitos and to the staff on ground etc.

    Before the commissioner officially announced the results and declared UPFA candidate Mahinda Rajapakse had been duly elected on Friday, UNP lawyers and officials handed over petitions to him asking for a re-poll in the north and east in view of evidence of widespread intimidation of voters to prevent them from casting their ballot.

    the Commissioner told the delegation that he had no reports that voters in the north-east had been prevented from voting.

  • 25 Nov 2005 11:25:42 GMT

    When you FEED the TIGER, some day IT will BIT! It happened to R PREMADASA and IT happened to RANIL_W, Will IT happen to MAHINDA_R, too?

    Is there somebody to donate analitical minds to our POLITICIANS???

  • 25 Nov 2005 11:51:16 GMT

    Thought , you are not looking at different ankle,

    LTTE ALMOST WON and in full strength and was about to kill those thousands of armies when india interfare with the request of CBK not to finish those soldiers as the srilankan government at low point.

    If LTTE had gone further and killed those army and capture jaffna , today Tamileelam would be 3 years old. by listening to india and LTTE wanted international support they have come for CFA. most of you forgot what has all happend.

    it was Ranil saved the singhalse and those thousands of troops. and the singhalse never grateful to him.

    what ranil has done to tamils?

    did he allow people to settle back in their homes? most of the homes are occupy by srilankan army in the name of HSZ

    did he allow fisherman to fish freely ?

    there are restriction and intemidation my army.

    i read in news today there are posters in jaffna army to leave.

    i have been saying people are frustrated , this army occuping in their houses and steeling in their houses and intemidating people and so on . people had enough and they started to take action themselves.

    there was a story army raped a 12 year old girl and the father caught the army and killed him brutally. in comming days many army will go missing `missing in action` (missing while steeling a house or commiting a crime`/ will continue to go large.

  • 25 Nov 2005 12:36:39 GMT

    LTTE snubs Ranil openly now. Serves him better.


  • 25 Nov 2005 13:20:20 GMT

    Yes i get the point.. you should not do anything like JVP and MR.. just wait.. for some time.. let the time solve it.

    If MR aint like the CFA.. why not cancell it.. he has the power to do so within 14 days!! do it !! dont cry

  • 25 Nov 2005 13:24:21 GMT

  • 25 Nov 2005 13:28:21 GMT

    Ajan, why did the LTTE chop off the Kilinochchi`s only voter`s hands?

  • 25 Nov 2005 13:51:27 GMT

    A lie repeated several times doesnt make it true. folks have to wake up to the power of th internet and do some research instaed of blindly beleiving what the southern papers and asia tribune say as th gospel truth.

    one of the reasons why me as a tamil signed up to this forum was to have a broad view(afterall this is a sinhala site) and to educate or inform other non informed sinhala folks of what the other side of the coin looks like and to also learn what the present sinhala view (i know the old views as i grew up in colombo) is.

  • 25 Nov 2005 15:36:34 GMT

    Jillball , i dont believe for a minute LTTE whould chop the hand of that voter , it is possible srilankan government or JVP or even UNP may have cut this mans hand to tell the world LTTE threaten people not to vote. the true fact is people did not vote because people respect what LTTE says.

    even weeks ago al international media saying most people in north east will vote who LTTe indicate , its only dumb singhala media never catch that.

    This mans hand was choped is likely to be a Lanka Truth or Asian Tribune Story ( Both tell lies and Lies only)

    this man maybe told off by general people for not sticking together with other people. As long as singhalse are dumb as they are there will be stories likes this will come , and singhalese are not intelegent enough to understand it.

  • 25 Nov 2005 21:03:41 GMT

    The autor has written the article with a broken heart because he wanted to have ranil wickremasinghe be won.But according to his uncle and UNP`s great guru J.R. if any one gets even one more vote,he is the winner and that is Democracy.(He said so just after the famous Mahara by election which Vijaya Kumarathunga was defeated by UNP`s Kamala Warna Jayakody by 45 votes after a conflicted second counting)So,Ranil have to bear it because Mahinda Rajapakse has a majority of 180,00 votes. THIS IS TO JILLBALL.....Come on my LTTE cub,I`ll rock you untill you feel sleepy!! Jillball there is sinhalease saying `Haraka Unata Umbaa Kiyanna epa` which means `though you are a cow don`t make noices` You why? Then every body comes to know that you are cow.(or bull)