Campaign to end violence against women ignores those used as suicide bombers. `We Can` but not where Tigers are concerned

  • 24 Nov 2005 21:26:51 GMT

    All crap!!

    These posh ladies are making money showing white stripes..

    Very funny to hear that this campaign is not going to tackle the forceful recruitment and the rights of the children. She is saying it`s a separate issue. Isn?t this fall into the category of violence? It seems like Manori is not worried about major violence and she scared to talk against those. What about the woman who had raped by 4 security gourds at the BIA? Is Oxfam fighting for her rights?

    This is just a business for upper class families. People who really face violence never come to these shopping malls to get these white bands. Let these rascals to swallow the white thing!!.

  • 25 Nov 2005 02:55:11 GMT

    Dear Newbie

    You can`t label hypocrisy to every single campaign led and that does not deal with every single issue we are present with in society. If you are degrading such a worthwhile and important campaign on the grounds that it is not focusing on the forcible recruitment, etc of women by the LTTE, then I would advise you to start your own campaign to address these issues.

    Different interest groups lead campaigns in different fields and issues. Those concerned about the welfare of children`s education would run campaigns encouraging the education of children. They would not be labelled hypocritical and posh ladies or gentlemen making money, just because they also don`t run the campaign for children being beaten, forcibly recruited by the LTTE, children being malnourished, etc. Likewise, campaigns against Breast cancer cannot be labelled hypocritical and useless because it does not focus on other cancers, let alone other diseases! Should we be ridiculing them just because they don`t involve all the categories of diseases within or outside the cancers? Should we accuse them of ignoring the other patients? NO! We don`t do such things!

    Even the title of this news item is absolute hypocrisy in itself and completely unjustifiable. It`s typical Sri Lankan mentality to put something down at the first instance. It is sad that who ever wrote this article decided to include LTTE suicide bombers just purely to make it controversial, when the whole purpose of this campaign was to increase awareness on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - NOT, forcible recruitment and suicide bombers! In most other countries, people would rally around and support such campaigns and come up with other campaigns to increase awareness on other social issues. This organisation running this campaign is not trying to make a political point but a social one focused on domestic violence. It is their good choice to do so and something which we must all support. Domestic Violence is common in many societies and women suffer often in silence at home. This should not happen and should not be tolerated.

    WE CAN stop it and it is our duty to support such campaigns and not ridicule them and give them labels because we have completely run out of what to ridicule and label as we have done that to everything possible! For a change, let`s support something good.

  • 25 Nov 2005 05:03:32 GMT


    I have no objection what so ever regarding any campaign. My worry is these NGOs trying to fish in troubled waters and they are taking people for ride. Of course the Oxfam is the leading charitable organization working for poverty and suffering. Poor countries like us are honey spots for them to open a branch and to recruit people to deliver their objectives. My question is whether these charities have any idea about the social issues of the country before they deliver their campaign. Have they done enough home work to identify the priorities of that country and social issues?

    I don?t see any wrong with the heading of this article. If the Oxfam is not interested about political security, then why they have opened branches in Kilinocchi, Trinco and Batti. Are they addressing real social issues today??? How they are going to make aware the women living in those area about the domestic violence. Do we have any other important issues to address in those areas and rest of the country??

    Domestic violence is a rising issue in SL but not confined to Colombo or other major cities. People living in major cities have access to better education compared to the people living in the rural area and so that, they have some idea to tackle day to day problems. But, the most of the people living in the rural area do not have many opportunities to learn about the legal aspects. If these NGO?s genuine idea is to emphasize the need end violence against women, then their campaign should start from the place where it is really needed. Only very limited people have access to Odel, Majestic City, Cargills and the likes. How many of these women living in rural area could find bus fare to visit these malls.

    As you mentioned campaigns are important only if it has genuine interest to address the issues. Numerous charities have been registered as ngos during last decade. What we received as a result, nothing but havoc. NGOs became a very attractive business and a fashion among the English speaking community in SL and they do it for living.

  • 25 Nov 2005 05:09:18 GMT

    ..`Ms`. Gunatilleke...!


  • 25 Nov 2005 06:19:31 GMT

    By not including the Suicide bombers, WE CAN group is indicating that the British do not have wisdom in this issue. Hence they are not global.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia

  • 25 Nov 2005 08:18:24 GMT

    Glad to read this particular lady has come up with this awareness about domestic violence.I should reiterate that the approach she`s taken is some what not commendable. A lot of women suffer in silence even the so called `high society`.It could be anything from, physical,emotional or verbal abuse by their spouses. There should be places accessible to all levels of life in every part of the county.Most village folks get intimidated when they see or hear about such places in Colombo. I would like to ask this lady if she`s given the opportunity whether she`s willing to put up a tent in a remote area without air conditioning and give her services to the village folks.

    Well, does not sound as good as Majestic city or Liberty Plaza does it? A white band alone is not good enough for this cause. The male Chauvinism I read on the other articles has got to change in this modern way of living.

    This could even be that the sisters of our Colombo society found something to gather and chat over cake and coffee. We had a The first female minister in the world, followed by her daughter the former president. What have they done to help this cause?

  • 25 Nov 2005 14:50:32 GMT

    Dear Newbie,

    I agree with you that these campaigns should be made available in more rural areas, especially the deep south and more importantly the hill country, where statistics and research show domestic violence at alarming levels in the estate community. However, for that there would be needed a very strong network to distribute these bands. Oxfam is a highly recognised cahritable organisation,working for decades. Quite contrary to your perception, Oxfam has been credited for doing very indepth research into communities before starting out on campaigns or policies on how to address issues. I have observed some of the work they do and visited their field sites and it very commendable. In fact, most workers at Oxfam are national and community members of that country or community, hence, they always tend to use a community centred, progressive approach to solve problems.

    It maybe likely that some people have latched on to NGOs to make money, that should ofcourse not be condoned. But, NGOs have benefitted this country largely, especially where the state has miserably failed. That is one main err in the centrist state of Sri Lanka. Recently on my visit to a maternity hospital in rural Sri Lanka I was appalled to find that they had only 1 pair of surgical gloves and 1 syringe, which they had to use over and over on their patients! I was in such absolute shock as I could not believe that our free health service was such a sham! I immediately requested the govt authorities to take some action on this, which just kept on going through one bureaucratic ladder into another, just to claim a few a syringes! But on making a few NGOs aware they came immediately to the rescue - and this was not to gain personal credit or fame but purely for the benefit of the community.

    Yes, most NGO leaders may come from affluent backgrounds, but that is because it is mainly this group of people that have the monetary and educational resources to work for the benefit of those who don`t. As much as we must try to prevent those trying to make a quick buck out of it, we must support and encourage and be grateful for the organisations that have worked hard for this country whilst it govt sat about not bothering about the people but was more concerned in getting more motor cars down tax free.

    In this particular case, it maybe advisable to inform the WE CAN Alliance to increase their distribution network, but we must also be realistic into the limited infrastructure in this country that places heavy constraints on groups and individuals to getting their message across. In any case, it is best we support such campaigns and do what we can, as domestic violence is spread out across all sections of society, rich, middle or poor.