Ceremonial Guard of Honour for outgoing President

  • 23 Nov 2005 12:24:55 GMT

    Duka thamai CBK...had to leave one year before ,no????thats life ...sh*it happens...but you did even sh*it to the country...please hope you ll not even live in Sri Lanka after the retirement...


  • 23 Nov 2005 21:28:06 GMT

    Poor Lady, Send her carton a of whisky to keep her moral up.

  • 24 Nov 2005 00:24:29 GMT

    A Lady with all these credentials to boast about is good.

    However, her Age and Sage brought all the Damage!!


  • 24 Nov 2005 12:58:22 GMT

    Glad to see the back of her. Most people were waiting for this auspicious moment. Does anybody think she`s gone for good? I dont think so.

    She`ll be back, and cling on for a long time like how her mother did, even on her death bed.

    Pitty the nation which has to go through this curse.