Gas goes up again

  • 21 Nov 2005 21:44:59 GMT

    Traitor Ranil is responsible for this. He told Bush to increas the world market prices because he lost the election.

  • 21 Nov 2005 22:05:36 GMT

    U can fool village fools (and a few educated fools too) over and over and over again but you can NEVER EVER fool the fundamantals of economics.

    Inflation which stood at 4.4% in 2003 is today running at about 18.8%... :) :)

    Not even the Loudest HOOTING from Motta Ralas BOOT LICKING SWOINES can fool economic fundamentals.

    Motta Rala - im just waiting to see how your going to finance all those goodies - 1300 salaray increase, Fertilizer at 350, etc etc....... I guess you dont know what happens when you Print money to finance bogus promises.

    WHen the UNP implemented a pricing sceheme to reflect the world market prices this WImal WeeraMONKEY HOOTED saying we dont need a government if prices increase accoding to World market prices. He also said that they will UNPLUG the economy from the rest of the world.

    Im waiting to see how that economic expert Wimal WeeraMONEKET take up the challenge and UNPLUG our economy from the rest of the world. COme on you WILD SWINES who us how you UNPLUG! :):)

  • 21 Nov 2005 22:39:28 GMT


    Mind your language and behave like a civilized person.

    When its come to the political promises UNP is no better than the other parties. This is an universal understanding that the politicians in developed nations as well as developing nations act same.There is no magic solutions from either party. Unless the attitude of the sri lankan is changed ( you know what I mean) there is no immidiate solution for SL.

  • 21 Nov 2005 22:50:02 GMT

    ANizam, Pls stop making a fool of your self. Your language shows your menatlity and personality. Stop calling people names. It is really pathetic.

  • 21 Nov 2005 22:54:28 GMT

    Motta Ralas NEw cabinet is being sweared in Tomorrow. Im praying that the Motta Rala will make Wimal WeerMONKEY the Finance Minister so that i can see (i mean the whole World can see) how this UNPLUGGING theory works!!! :) :)

  • 21 Nov 2005 23:08:37 GMT

    Truelankan & WAZ75,


    Welcome to the forum.

    I do not know if you two have been vistiting this forum before. Anizam`s challenge to the MAHINDA/JVP/JHU camp is acceptable as he has been insulted several times by his opponents unnecessarily. If you track back and read you will understand his tone for counter arguments.


  • 21 Nov 2005 23:23:18 GMT

    Suffering has started even sooner then I thought...

  • 21 Nov 2005 23:56:09 GMT

    I am just wondering whether JVP and JHU has at least heard the two words GDP and Balance of Payments. oooooh sorry, I should have said SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

  • 22 Nov 2005 00:34:47 GMT

    What goes up will never come down in SL! Same for gas prices. Soon it will be other things that go up in price as the promises made by the new janadhipathi have to be fulfilled even to some extent. So the simple solution will be for the treasury to print money and pay the people the increased salaries, pentions and other benefits etc etc that were promised. That will result in inflation and the prices will keep going up and up. Any promise that the janadhipathi cannot fulfill will be countered with a very good reason as to why it cannot be fulfilled. That will be accepted by the people and so life goes on in SL. It has been the same state of affairs under the rule of what ever party or president for whatever the period any one can remember.

  • 22 Nov 2005 01:15:46 GMT


    I doubt the JVP even knows about the existence of the word `Economics` and `Free market`.. Let alone Supply and Demand.

    These idiots don`t realize that SL is too small too lacking in everything to be even thinking about UNPLUGGING.. Even if it was possible, It`s not Mahinda and CO. (who know zip about world economics) that will be the ones to do it!