Will Ranil Resign?

  • 21 Nov 2005 14:56:52 GMT

    Those who voted for Mahinda did so to reject CFA and the kissing and cuddling that went between Norway and LTTE. Ranil on the other hand promoted this and would have given more to the LTTE - like giving away a part of SL to them. As such, Ranil should gracefully accept this defeat and leave politics. This is a failed politician.

  • 21 Nov 2005 15:00:12 GMT

    Ranil should stay, join up with Mahinda to bring lasting peace to Sri Lanka

  • 21 Nov 2005 15:07:51 GMT

    I think that you never seen Mahinda Rajapakse`s photos. He did not use to wear shoes

  • 21 Nov 2005 15:12:53 GMT

    Ranil should stay for a variety of reasons.

    1) Most of Sri Lanka approved of his policies (rajapakse has only 50.3% of the Sinhala votes)

    2) There is no clear leader within UNP to take over who is as capable and seasoned as Ranil to run the country.

    3) Sri Lanka needs the cultural change in politics that Ranil is trying to usher in.

  • 21 Nov 2005 15:22:23 GMT

    I think Ranil should stay because as everyone knows he only lost because of the LTTE. If all the Sri Lankans had voted then Ranil is the president. Since Rajapakse is planning to start a war, when the war starts and the bodies pile up, this will mean the end of the SLFP government. There is a chance for the UNP to come back to power.

  • 21 Nov 2005 15:22:55 GMT

    Ranil should go....Earlier he did a great injustice to all UNPers who voted by getting sacked by CBK, he did not have the guts to do what the UNP EXCO told him to do at that time, instead he was constantly running to the Presidents house even if he had a slight headache....we remember everyone in the UNP wanted him kicked out after giving up the Govt., Before he is actually kicked out he should GO. If Karu contested this result would have been very much different, the Sinhala common man would have been with him, dont ever think that all colombo votes Ranil got is because people loved RW, but because the Govt of CBKwas very unpopular because of COST OF LIVING factor.

  • 21 Nov 2005 15:24:35 GMT

    There is a general rule in Management that NO ONE IS INDISPENSIBLE!!!

    Apparently in Sri Lankan politics, Ranil`s got the `Midas Touch`. Therefore Ranil is indispensible under present circumstances of the nation.


  • 21 Nov 2005 15:27:11 GMT

    In a broader view this election was an election against corrupt politicians. When people had to choose between the UNP or UFPA, those who were not committed either way chose the person who was less corrupt as they felt no one was not corrupt. The rise of the JVP was spearheaded by this desperation. However it is like catching a tiger by the tail, the future of the country is in a balance. Those who have forgotten the bombs and the destruction with the CFA may have to be reminded again by a few more of those to want peace! Ranil has acted like a gentleman in politics when he accepted CBK`s dissolution of parliament without much of a fuss and honored the constitution (which gave that woman power that could be abused) so Mahinda wants him in. An idiot for sure with ratnasiri wickremanayake as PM, a cabinet and policies directly contrary to a resolution of the conflict how does he accept Ranil to be - a yes man???

  • 21 Nov 2005 15:29:17 GMT

    He should stay because the UNP does not have anyone good to succeed him. I am 100% sure this UPFA will not even last for another six months. Because the war is going to start and the economy is going to go down. Mahinda has so many different groups with many different veiws and there is going to be disagreements and the government will fall. We all know that if you take the entire country, Ranil has more than 50% of the support and he can become the prime minister after the general elections. I think once this happens, then Mahinda should resign and give Ranil what is trully his, the presidency. Mahinda you have only won the battle but not the war.

  • 21 Nov 2005 15:36:37 GMT

    Fairplay you refer to a rule of Management which has to be applied with other rules of Management which require the development of leaders in the organisation. In politics in SL that is not the case. If RW leaves there is no leader to take his place. Karu is very popular with the common man but within the party there are some (some of the thugs included) who see him as less senior than them in terms of years. The thugs are surely dispensable but not the leader at this time. Their presence in fact is a weak link in the UNP where wins are a narrow margin even if they are present. RW should be strategic enough to clean the party up so that the UNP will be perceived differently and could easily claim landslides. The people in SL are politically pretty well educated to see through the `hora chande` ploys and media bias. With the MR campaign using the state media, if people believed all the b**S***, he should have won 75% of the vote not 50.3%!