LTTE to celebrate Heroes Day at Elephant Pass army camp site

  • 21 Nov 2005 09:59:19 GMT

    Heros day speach will make clear to tamils , singhalese and to the world what is going on and what is to expect.

  • 21 Nov 2005 15:12:27 GMT

    Elephant Pass symbolises the LTTE`s and the Tamil people`s power and determination to free themselves from oppression and discrimination.

    It is a reminder to the hawkish Mahinda and his JVP and JHU friends that the LTTE cannot be beaten militarily.

    Elephant Pass is an appropriate place to hold the Heroes Day celebrations at this critical juncture of the Tamil people`s struggle.

    Balance of power is a deterrent to war for both sides and the LTTE remaining powerful is very important for the survival of the Tamil people of Sri lanka.

  • 21 Nov 2005 15:24:59 GMT

    Hot news!!

    Mahinda has been advised to get 40,000 body bags ready for the SLA Garrison in Jaffna.. Of the three possible targets it`s been hinted that Jaffna will be the first..

    The `Maveerar` families have started moving away from Jaffna, as well as many LTTE cadres and it seems a first strike is imminent!

  • 21 Nov 2005 16:44:05 GMT

    Hey Ajan,Kanthun, Tigeress and other tiger supporters

    The biggest strenght of the LTTE is NOT the campture of Elephant pass. THe Biggest Strengh + Asset is the Stupid Motta ralas who live in the south.

    So dont be so harsh on the Southerners - after all they gave the LTTE leader an EARLY B-day gift - they elected Mahinda Rajapaksha. So be kind to the poor fools... :)

  • 21 Nov 2005 16:59:27 GMT


    puli anna

  • 21 Nov 2005 17:53:04 GMT

    Puli anna

    excellent, it is not at all are brave to come out to contribute.thats a big think.

    I`m really bored now.just pop in to see how thinks are,thats all.


  • 21 Nov 2005 21:59:17 GMT

    War is not a solution for the Sinhalese or Tamils. The issues plaguing the vast majority of people of all communities in Sri Lanka have more to do with the global economy and its inequities. Sri Lanka, all of us, are servants at the IMF/WB table. No country has prospered while remaining slaves to others. The Sinhalese and Tamils are like jealous slaves fighting each other for a greater share of the crumbs. It is true the Sinhala head waiter has deprived the Tamil cook of some of the crumbs and treated him with disrespect. So the Sinhala and Tamil servants have been fighting like mad, running to the Master from time to time to plead that they are indeed a better more trustworthy servant than the other. How disgusting!! The Tamil cook wants to have his own subservient relationship to the Master without going through the Sinhala head waiter. He is willing to blow himself up to smithereens to achieve such a noble status. The Sinhala head waiter so loves his present position of relative privileged servitude that he will shoot the Tamil cook if he dares to have his own relationship with the Master. We need to grow up as a country. Separation while it is the right of the Tamil nation is not a solution, indeed it might create even a more pathetic state for both people in their path to become free and equal human beings at the world table. But the Sinhalese, including the so-called progressives are so caught up in their racist pathologies about a Greater Tamilnadu pushing the Sinhalese into the sea, etc. that they offer nothing to those on the Tamil side who may want to come up with a solution other than separation. Cuba is not an ideal model but remember this - before the Revolution, racism was rife in that playpen for the elites from North America and Europe. I hope Prabhakaran remembers that only half the Sinhalese voted for Mahinda, and most of them did so because of economic issues. The Sinhalese do not want war, they just want a better life for them and thier children just like the Tamils and Muslims and all other human beings. So it would be a grave mistake to launch a new war which will hurt innocents on all sides..and for become the new head waiter?