JVP may not sit with Govt.

  • 20 Nov 2005 21:49:27 GMT

    JVP is in pursuit of a Comfort Zone,probably forever!!!

    If Mahinda gives the Media Ministry to Wimal, he will go to Town with that privileged avenue for propaganda of the JVP.


  • 20 Nov 2005 21:59:38 GMT

    JVP will not participate in any process.

    They want both SLFP & UNP to fail for them to grow.

    They will continue to find fault, resist any reform and criticize the Govt.

    They will ensure that Mahinda`s programs also fail.

    UNP & SLFP should get together, leaving JVP aside and build a peaceful & prosperous Sri Lanka.

    Can they? A big question. We missed that chance.

    However, nothing wrong in try again.

    lets hope for the best for our country.

  • 20 Nov 2005 22:12:58 GMT


    I PROMISE EVERY ONE - just give the JVP a few ministerial portfolias and they will be in government in NO TIME... TRSUT ME.. THE JVP WILL SIT with the government. This

  • 20 Nov 2005 22:20:31 GMT


    Mahinda was using JVP as a ladder to win his election and said yes to all what they wanted.

    JVP is using SLFP as a ladder to grow as they have no other choice.

    Both of them want to drop the ladder once they reach their objective.

    Who will outplay the other, we have to wait and see.

    Even if JVP joins the Govt. they will play the same old spoiling game `opposition within the Govt.`

    `Welcome back to the repeat performance of the Sandanaya Circus`

  • 20 Nov 2005 22:24:33 GMT

    Thugs weather Sinhala, or Tamil or Muslim have one thing in Common -

    Take the LTTE and karuna for Instance - When you have a Common Enemy (SL GOVT) to fight - they stick together. THe moment you stop fighting the Common enemy you start fighting each other.

    Its the same thing with the PA + JVP. THey got together because of the hatered of the Common Enemy - the UNP. Now that they have defeated the UNP (I mean the LTTE defeated the Common Enemy and made Mahinda the president) - like any other group of thugs - THE PA and the JVP will star their fight. Its the nature of Uncivilized, thugs - you cant change Nature.... :) :)

    1. The JVP is playing hard to get.

    2. THen Mahinda will fall at their feet and BEG them to Joing the government. THen they will Join it.

    3. THen GIVE ABOUT A YEAR AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS - It will be the same OLD `BALU PORAYA` Again!!!

    History does repeat itself! :) :) :)

    To all the Sinhala MODAYAs in the South - Enjoy the Ride!! Prabakaran will be laughing at you donkeys through his A*SS

  • 20 Nov 2005 22:30:34 GMT

    The LTTE and JVP are inter-dependant. Can you guys say that any JVPer killed a LTTEr and vice vera. The nationalism of south fertilise the nationalism of north and vice vera.

    The borth parties should be nutralised (LTTE & JVP) if the country to prosper. Our countrymen and countrywomen cannot think rationally to vote in elections.

    Does Mahinda have guts to unite with UNP?

    This president and the goverment belong to JVP not to people.

    You guys can see in 6 months how these f***ing buggers unstabilise the country.

    Let our people suffer and suffer and suffer till they f***ed off.

  • 20 Nov 2005 22:52:49 GMT


    You are absolutely right. For the benefit of others I am giving one of my earlier postings below:


    The real winners of this election are JVP & LTTE.

    They both wanted a weaker President.

    They both want the conflict to continue so that the country will be in chaos so that their growth will continue without a check.

    They both wanted the economy to go down so that they can tell their supporters that these governments, both SLFP & UNP are useless.

    They both want the poor man ro suffer so that they can justify their existence.

    Both will not participate in any constructive process peace or otrherwise so that they can find fault with the Government from outside.


    `Welcome back to the repeat performance of Sandanaya Circus`

  • 20 Nov 2005 23:12:13 GMT

    The JVP, JHU, NPM, SPUR, MEP, SLFP and of course the UNP, they all conveniently do not mention that the current Indian administration is completely subservient to the Bush administration`s plans for global domination. The Indian government did not support the Iranian govt recently aginst the US efforts to attack them.The JVP and the likes have to explain what are the interests of `western powers` that is trying to desstroy SRi Lanka.They use theses mantra to deceive the ordinary people to get into power. For eg, the JVP made some noise about Iraqi invasion by the US some time back and at the same time , the JVP wants the US adminstration to extend its `war on terror` to attack the LTTE. Where are the principles?The JVP never had principles anyway. Rajapakse is a fraud. He is lucky to have long time freinds like Vasudeva and the `vachaala` Bahu who are prepared to paint Rajapakse in red.Rajapkse is described as a `socialist` by the international media. He was in the right wing of SLFP with Anura in the past. When did he become a Socialist? The privatisation of state assets will go ahead.Rajapakse will follow Premadasa in populist politics.The JVP may sit in the opposition to `control` any opposition to Rajapakse.He has got the nod from the US administration, even to got war if necessary.I lke to see people like Gunadasa Amarasekera, Nalin De Silva showering praise on the Bush Admnistration in supporting Rajapakse in a war. They are already supporting the Sri Lankan security forces, even though the JVP, JHU and the crowd maintain a hush about it.

    By - Ananda - 11/21/2005 at 4:56:08 AM

  • 20 Nov 2005 23:18:41 GMT

    Anna, sellang pattangatha. Ekollange hithe thiyanne vena ekak, ova hathanda ba. Mahinda Iyeya, pravesang venda rathu thoppigana. Elanga saraya yudda kottithekka neve, rathu thoppithekka. Thava parak `88.

  • 20 Nov 2005 23:37:39 GMT

    Of course the JVP will not sit with the government.

    That`s because the JVP is a party that thrives in rhetoric, which can be carried out easily when in opposition.

    They know the hard decisions Rajapakse has to make, and that the majority of those decisions (if made with some sort of sense), will run contrary to Mahinda Chinthana.

    The JVP wants to maintain enough distance between the government and themselves so that they could at any time launch agitations against whatever the issues that come up. This is the bread & butter of JVP.

    The JVP does not have the balls to actually govern, because then they will be held responsible for their action/inaction, for not being able to do what they so loudly claim on platforms...

    This is like the mother crab teaching the young to walk straight.