Defence Ministry stops airlifting of army deserters to north

  • 15 Nov 2005 20:35:55 GMT

    May be you have no brain sinhalayamkr.or you sit on it.there are lots of intelligent sinhalese in sl.

  • 15 Nov 2005 21:44:14 GMT

    CBK can be very very very impartial at this moment!!

  • 16 Nov 2005 04:23:36 GMT

    Good so now there won`t be any vote rigging by Army deserters. Can LTTE be stopped?

  • 16 Nov 2005 04:47:43 GMT


    Only one day to go.

    Where is your Phoenix man promised Surprises? Will the surprise come after the elections???


  • 16 Nov 2005 06:38:14 GMT

    Why don`t they hire Ranjan Jayakody from Polgahawela, he is the one who conducted the DDC election for JR? People are so proud about the `democratic process` in SL. He sent a train load of thugs to Jaffna as election officers

  • 16 Nov 2005 06:40:58 GMT


    I think Sunil Ranjan Jyakody is dead. I am glad that you recall the nasty tactics of Ranils colleague in yeasterdays.


  • 16 Nov 2005 07:31:49 GMT

    The JVPers are scared, because they would be the biggest losers, and are trying every dirty trick.

    Before the18th both Somawanse and Weerawanse will be in UK. Prabakaran will be the king maker and Ranil, the 5th President of Sri Lanka for the next 12 years.

  • 16 Nov 2005 08:04:09 GMT


    This bloke was killed during 88 insurrection, is it correct. I know the rascal personally and also know the atrocities he committed in the Kurunegal district. During the referendum he prevented a whole `SLFP` village in the Gokkaralle electorate from voting. This is how JR taught the nation the value of democratic process.

    Also he built the statue of `Dutegemunu` along Colombo Polgahawela road junction.

    His mother was a cook at JR`s household and that was how be became a legislator to the nation.

    So still he did not lose track of his patriotism


  • 16 Nov 2005 15:25:51 GMT

    A racist govt here in colombo would be the perfect incubator for a justification of self rule. Are we Sri Lankans IDIOTS who can not understand this?

    Unitary state is possibele. But there would be two unitary states in the country.

    Guys please use your brains.

  • 16 Nov 2005 15:28:04 GMT

    We wish to tell all those who are in the bandwagaon of MAHINDA RAJAPAKSE campaign that of they have any sense of shame should ask the Prime Minister to make a statement about what really has happened.This is a shameful act as it was a well planned ploy to distrupt the election in the North East.Also you must not invite Karuna to your bosom. It is this cruel man who killed hundreds of innocent monks including many young samaneras at Aranthalawa when they were on their way to a Gamudawa celebrations.The Sinahalese must rty to kill Karuna before they kill Prabhakaran. You henchmen of Mahinda it is useless talking about Ranjan jayakody as it is history. Talk about the Rajapakse brotheres Gotabhaya, Basil and Chamal etc etc. You all are a set of disgraceful fellows who try to usrpur the rights of the aAmil voters.