Army-type uniform found at PM`s final rally venue

  • 15 Nov 2005 05:41:39 GMT

    Mahinda simply did not have anything to say... Last time he checked he had some vague idea on what he should say... but this time around he had forgotten that also...

    So I guess they used this as a safe excuse...

  • 15 Nov 2005 06:13:51 GMT

    Nice try...Mahinda.

    Some movies show that bombs are hidden within Cellphones too. Please be careful with use of that too.

    Or you can put the phone also inside a bullet proof glass box and tele communicate with your wild patriots.

  • 15 Nov 2005 06:55:25 GMT

    I have a nasty feeling that the army guys are getting rid of their uniforms and deserting ranks fearing that Mahinda and his cocktail will win in which event the war is inevitable.

  • 15 Nov 2005 09:28:59 GMT

    Just shows the intelligence of the MR campaign.

    I mean couldn`t they concoct a better story?

    To tell us that the LTTE are so amateurish in performing a fine art of their`s!

    Does the MR campaign think that we voters are idiots to buy their half baked spins?

    Signs of extreme desperation and panic within the MR camp.

    At least its best that they show us their collective intelligence before the 17th!