Jaffna polling booths slashed

  • 12 Nov 2005 22:11:35 GMT

    This is what the LTTE pamplet had said about RAnil

    `Ranil who identifies himself as a lover of peace is much more dangerous than Mahinda. No sooner the MoU was signed, he said, he had made the Tigers lay down their arms, that the death of the Sinhala soldier has been prevented, then an international network had been woven and the consequence of it would be known in due course. Therefore, it must be understood that he did not sign the MoU to resolve the problems of the Tamil people.

    `It is a fact that the international network cast by Ranil Wickremasinghe did pressurise us. The unfortunate incidents that happened in the East were an aspect of the network cast by him. It is due to the efficiency and foresight of our leadership we have still not been caught up in the traps laid on us. Is the land of the Tamils going to be cheated in the gentlemanly pretentious Ranil?

    Courtesy of Sunday times Situation Report...

  • 12 Nov 2005 22:22:51 GMT


    Are You THAT STUPID???????????????? It is not RAnil the LTTE is taking for a Ride. It is the ENTIRE COUNTRY, especially the sinhalese. Ranil might loose this because of the LTTE but you are TOTALLY missing the bigger picture (just like a NUMBER ONE IDOYET). RAnil is JUST ONE MAN. If Ranil looses on the 17th, Ranil will be forgotten by the people in a matter of a few weeks. Ranils family is one of the welthiest inthe country and he will live a very comfortablye retirement.

    HOwever, the LTTE would have a government THEY WANT for the next six years. This is a extract from THIS WEEKS SUNDAY ISLAND Political column..


    It would be pertinent to ask the question, who is the preferred winner from LTTE?s perspective?

    This analyst is of the view that the LTTE would like to see the South become economically weak, politically unstable and in the clutches of Sinhalese nationalists.

    Those circumstances would provide the LTTE a clear competitive advantage to further their ambitions of having a separate state. A MR presidency is more likely to create the necessary conditions in the South for LTTE to become stronger and wrest the advantage back to pursue their separatist goals.

    The logical conclusion of this line of argument is that MR is LTTE?s preferred winner.


    Will the voters in the South fall for rhetoric or use their minds?

    In the past a majority of Sinhalese voters in the South fell for political rhetoric and short ? term measures intended at filling their stomachs.

    Genetically ingrained, inherent stupidity of the Southern Sinhalese electorate would most probably overwhelm logical reasoning that could bring future prosperity to this country and may vote in favour of short sighted policies that would impoverish the country.

    Educated Sri Lankans with academic qualifications but without any thinking ability, specifically the remnants of that generation who inherited this country from the British in 1948 and took wrong decisions at every crucial turning point in recent history are poised to make another historic blunder in 2005.


    Gunepala - by your comments here i think its very fair to say you fall into the category of the `Genetically ingrained, inherent stupidity of the Southern Sinhalese` VOTER - the above article mentions about.

  • 12 Nov 2005 22:55:41 GMT

    If AniSam is right,LTTE should support MahindaR and not RanilW. Becuase Mahionda is the preferred winner for LTTE. But, LTTE was supporting RanilW until recent.

    Some how,now LTTE is supporting MahindaR indirectly. WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD.

  • 12 Nov 2005 23:27:35 GMT

    Although the chances of a peaceful settlement are greater with Ranil, both Ranil and Mahinda have shown their true colours by their typical anti Tamil pronouncements in the last few days.

    When both candidates are fighting desperately for the Sinhala votes, there is no other surefire vote winner than anti Tamil rhetoric. This is the history of politics in Sri Lanka since independence.

    LTTE bashing in many Tamil eyes is Tamil bashing. Without the LTTE there is no defence for the Tamils.

    Both the Sinhala politicians vying for the presidency are hard core Sinhala nationalists and the Tamils have no hope of salavation from either of these politicians.

    This is the time for the Tamil people of Sri Lanka to come together under one umbrella to safeguard what we have gained in the last twenty five years.

    The Tamils should never trust the Sinhala politicians.

  • 12 Nov 2005 23:45:19 GMT

    PIRANHA had tasted DRUGS imported by LTTE for colombo sinhala people.

    You think, but we do not think LTTE is tamils. Tamils of the N & E are voting for peace and not for war.

    LTTE wants to change it. they will be successful only upto certain extent and not completely.

    Tamils do not trust LTTE.

    LTTE kills jaffna tamils and Batti tamils. LTTE moved to Vanni most supporting tamils are their. Now, they are also moving to Colombo, Kandy and other places.

    Earlier tamils involved only in separation and homeland politics. NOw they talk about Unitary Sri Lanka.

  • 13 Nov 2005 00:24:31 GMT

    The LTTE and TNA position has strengthned RW in the south.

    The LTTE was always going to watch the game and make a late call to influence their bondaged subjects in the voting.

    It is clear that the LTTE now prefers MR to win so that they can achieve their separatist goals.

    The electorate can understand this.

    MR = separatism objective is met for the LTTE - war inevitable

    RW = negotiated settlement (not ideal for the LTTE) - ceasefire maintained

    The vast majority want peace not war. This applies equaly citizens in the north, south, east, west and centre! They want peace for the country to be able to develop and prosper.

    So then whom will the over whelming number of citizens vote for? -- RW of course!

    The LTTE by taking this position has only strengthened RW - not by design though (lest the MR clan get unduly excited).

    The message: LTTE preferes MR and his extremists to win so that it could persue and realise its goal of a separate state of Elam.

  • 13 Nov 2005 00:56:48 GMT

    Tamil political analysts, David and Piranha, seem to be lost in analysing elelction.

  • 13 Nov 2005 02:06:07 GMT


    Anti Tamil racism is the most potent drug for the Sinhala masses.This drug is distributed freely and copiously by the Sinhala politicians during election times.

    You don`t know who the Tamil people support. Why are the vast majority of the Tamil people living under Tiger rule if they are opposed to the Tigers? The LTTE is not preventing them from leaving.

    The army and its paramilitary assassins also kill the Jaffna Tamils and Batti Tamils. The LTTE does not have a monopoly on the killings in the country. Nobody wants war, including the LTTE. Believe me, after twenty five years of fighting from the jungles the LTTE is not going to throw away its arms and embrace the Sinhalese.

    Who is there to protect the Tamils from the Sinhala mobs if ever the Sinhala mobs dared to attack the Tamils again?Those of us who have been at the receiving end of these racist mobs, not once but three times, will not waver in our support for the LTTE. Mahinda`s victory or narrow defeat will certainly increase the anxiety among the Tamil people as it will be an indicator of the strength of anti Tamil feeling among the Sinhalese people. I personally blame the JVP and the JHU for this and Mahinda was not man enough to stick to the principles of the SLFP and reject these anti Tamil forces for the sake of the country. It was a shameful act to solicit their support.

    You want a unitary state? There is no unitary state now. How are you going to bring back the Northeast under government control?

    The slogan `Unitary state` is a charade. It is the opium in the present election to fool the Sinhala masses to get their votes. AnuD, you too appear to have consumed this opium.

  • 13 Nov 2005 04:05:39 GMT

    I am pretty sure, some unknown kind of Opium has hallucinated Piranha too.

    Your talk does not tally at all with the facts and figur

  • 13 Nov 2005 04:08:33 GMT

    We know who Tamils support. Tamils support TERRORISTS.