Mangala attacks Bribery Commission, Kotelawala

  • 11 Nov 2005 08:03:20 GMT

    Simply reflects his own third-class mentality. Having had no proper education, or a proper upbringing, what would you expect?

    I wonder whether he was like this when he was a batik salesman, sucking up to the sudda`s to make a living!

    Or maybe, if someone had a look at what he had to sell, but ended up not buying... he`d start to berate them accusing them to to be mafia gangs sent by his competitors...

    What a loser!

  • 11 Nov 2005 09:20:39 GMT

    Oh Dear, What desperation!

    And that statement `Mr. Kotelawela was engaged in an attempt to create racial and religious tensions in the country` - what a load of crap.

    If you want to see people who have engaged in creating racial and religious tensions in the country, just look at some of your partners in this election. The ones you so much wanted to bring in to the fold and embrace.

    The nation looks forward to sunrise on 18 November 2005. Oh what a wonderful day it will be. You and your cronies including those who have engaged in creating racial and religious tensions in the country will be heaped with the dung thanks to the peace loving and tolerant citizens of this land.

  • 11 Nov 2005 10:53:16 GMT

    Samaraweera sham of an accusation has been exposed as what it was, an attempt to shield Rajapakse from some of the flak over Hambantota. It has failed. He should now just try to keep his head down and hope that people will forget about it, as trying to extend the matter makes him look even more ridiculous.

  • 11 Nov 2005 15:30:05 GMT

    Lalith Kotalawela is a Christian fanatic. He has been fanning the divisions of religion by funding the extremist campaign of the Christian evangelists to convert non-Christians into Christianity by hook and crook. And he is running scared because the electorate has reacted against Christian fundamentalism rampant in Sri Lanka.

  • 11 Nov 2005 15:42:49 GMT

    If Mahinda and Mangala have even an ounce of brains They would have just ignored the whole thing and this news would have died a natural death. However, these two fools keep this in the news for weeks -

    Mangala you are doing a wonderful job for ranil :) :)

  • 11 Nov 2005 16:00:04 GMT

    The types of things this Lalith Kotelawala funds:

    Christian evangelists are on a roll in Sri Lanka. During the past few decades many reactionary Christian organisations originating in the west have swept into Sri Lanka with the single aim of converting all non-Christians to Christianity. Having arrived in a `third world` country,their reasoning is that all niceties and norms of decency can be dispensed with; evangelism is carried out through whatever means necessary without any thought for the consequence, even if this means creating a religious conflict. Sri Lanka must be on high guard if she is to preserve her religious harmony, for looking around the world it can be seen that religious conflict has not been far behind wherever Christian evangelists have set up shop.

  • 11 Nov 2005 16:16:12 GMT

    Hey All:

    If you can read Sinhalese read this on Lankadeepa. A JVPer who crossed over to the UNP is killed and his body is dumped in a well....

    See how close the LTTE and the JVP are.... :) :)

  • 11 Nov 2005 16:20:03 GMT


    do you want us to believe what pro unp, pro ranil lankadeepa writes?

  • 11 Nov 2005 16:27:23 GMT

    I can only hope the evangelists haven`t managed to place their fingers into Ranils posterior. If not for the Christian evangelists and their facist campaign of conversion the JHU would never have arisen.

  • 11 Nov 2005 18:03:50 GMT


    `do you want us to believe what pro unp, pro ranil lankadeepa writes?`

    Nahhhh - just keep believing the lake house and what mangala samaraweera says - you know its all TRUE :) :)