Indian model is ideal sangaree queries JVP stand on federal solution

  • 10 Nov 2005 23:39:35 GMT

    Veerasingham/ Vinayagamoorthy/ Nandalal-not sounding the same. Poor Anandasangaree is confused and in a dream world like Nandalal.

    ALL POSSIBLE PEACEFUL means were tried from 1957 and we are back to square ONE. The problem could have been solved with DDC in the sixties. JR agreed to Rajive and the Provincial Council. Good ,but then without decentralization and money what is the use like an agency POST OFFICE forwarding everything to the centre.

    See the way the STATE TERRORISM operated by setting up the Criminal prisoners to attach the political prisoners in WElikada. WE find it rather DIFFICULT to forget the torture/sufferings in 1958, 1977, 1983 and so on later in our own homeland. The whole world now knows the TRUTH and some tiny tots are referring to as unfortunate black July as if nothing happened earlier. Finally LTTE took arms for a purpose and there is NO QUESTION OF LAYING OFF THE ARMS unless and until a fair and acceptable solution is reached. The behavior of the masses in all these occasions were shameful but NOW THEY ARE EXPOSED TO THE WORLD. We are fighting for what we believe and FREEDOM FIGHTERS do not die in vain. Is this that could be expected from those following the Teaching of Buddha. Panja seela- ******************************************

  • 11 Nov 2005 00:14:32 GMT

    Why is he asking such stupid questions?

    The JVP has, time and again said that they are against a federal solution. Whether it be Indian, American or whatever.., the JVP`ers are not even willing to CONSIDER such an option...

    You cannot make the horse drink...

  • 11 Nov 2005 00:58:19 GMT


    May be feeling the pinch, possibly. His future too seems uncertain I think in the south. So he is coming out with his `policy alternative`.

    Oh, he declares that he is the one who was behind the `Eelam` demand??? Then what made him to change his `tune` before the `Tamil situation` could change, if at all the Tamil misery in the hands of the majority worsened many folds.

    And why should he begs the JVP, unless he wants them to support his (and other few) living allowance in the south. Tamils are the citizens of this country and in no way inferior to other races. People may distort the history, but it is part of the game and no one cares or believes that. Tamils` history in this country is as old as the Sinhalese.

    So what ever they ask are their inalienable rights that were snatched away by shrewd manipulations over the years especially after the so-called Independence. It is a matter of reinstating the lost rights.

    Sangaree, you are an old politician, an opportunistic principle-less politician for that matter. Even at a time when you declared Eelam, I was against such a concept because I sincerely felt and even now I feel that we should live to gether but with dignity and self respect.

    But will this ever happen? Will our majority people have such a wisdom to understand this noble truth of prosperity through co-existence. Can they think beyond their own race and religion?

    Will the Buddhist clergy, the vast majority of them are too illiterate and brain washed with some racially biased sentiments, most of them I doubt they even really understand the crux of the Buddhist philosophy, be able to accept or support the `live and let live principle`?

    Our economy is in shambles. The years of war had further ruined it. There is very little to go around. In a climate like this it will be worse because the majority race will make every endeavor to grab the maximum for themselves.

    So the dream of co-existence is out of the question. I don`t mean that we have to fight with each other or kill each other. But there should be a system where by the Tamils and the Sinhalese should be able to mange the major and importantly their respective economic lives separately. Once there is no war for certain, obviously the economy will begin to improve.

    What is the problem for any one to let the Tamils to have a viable federal administration? In what way it affects the Sinhalese? Are they worried that they will improve economically? Of course it was always the sinhala policy since Independence to ruin the Tamil economy and no one will dispute this. But owing to their perseverance and determination this did not yield maximum results. Then they tried to ruin the N&E, they succeeded to a great extent. Chandrika, Kadir and many, many others have put their dirty hand into that. Contd.....

  • 11 Nov 2005 01:15:05 GMT

    It is rubbish for any one to argue that a federal state is a threat to the sinhala Nation. If at all the threat to the sinhala Nation will be only from the Sinhalese themselves.

    Tamils are a peaceful, law abiding, hard working people. The recent violence and war are some thing new to them, forcibly thrusted upon them against their wish. At least they have proved to all concerned that if there is a need they could fight too. It will be the most intelligent decision for both to co-exist side by side rather than these conflict based on imaginary believes.

    Sangaree or JVP or for that matter any one unless and until they respect the Tamils` right and honour the peace for the whole country will be evasive

    Fifty seven years after Independence Sri Lanka is still only a state, a state comprised of two warring nations.When will it be able to transcend the divisions that have plagued it for so long and emerge as a single nation?

    May God give us better wisdom

  • 11 Nov 2005 02:19:12 GMT

    Good post nada.

    What Sangaree is saying is effectivlely UNP stand. He is trying to word it differently.

  • 11 Nov 2005 02:19:33 GMT

    This article reaffirms the understanding between LTTE and JVP and the hypocracy of JVP, who scream and hoarse their voices by appearing to be the extremist guardians of the Sinhalese.

    Has LTTE harmed a singe JVPer?

    Has JVP harmed a single LTTEer?

    the answer is NO.

    The simple logic is both JVP and LTTE are extemist groups who will be happy to divide and share the rule of this country by winning the support of their own masses thru extremism.

    That is how JVP will one day make Sri Lanka a diviiided country.

    Many Sinhala MODAYAS cannot understand this reality.

  • 11 Nov 2005 06:20:54 GMT

    The sinhalese people should understand first of all that the real threat for the security of sri lanka doesn`t come from Federal system of administrtion but from their own sinhalese people ( JVP ).The past history will remind all the sinhalese people.Therefore, federal system like in India can bring some sort of peace for every body.

  • 11 Nov 2005 06:32:23 GMT

    Before seeking any such help from JVP Mr.Ananadasangree should ask his friend Karuna to give up all his ugly activites against tamils in the eastern province .

    I understand and i respect his seeking JVP aid for a federal system in sri lanka although JVP doesn`t accept the same but once the karuna`s ugly activities and paraa military activites with SLA things can be changed and LTTE will also change their hard position against Mr.Ananadasangree

  • 11 Nov 2005 10:49:55 GMT

    I wish to further add to Anandasangarre`s statement that it is the LTTE which is a communal outfit. It is not only a communal outfit, it has destroyed the Tamil culture in Jaffna. It has also destroyed eminent Tamils.


  • 11 Nov 2005 12:49:36 GMT

    I am sure both candidates will like Indian models.