No Mahinda Chinthana in Budget: UNP

  • 10 Nov 2005 11:21:12 GMT

    Mr Moragoda-

    Everybody knows who was behind this budget and who dictated the terms to the budget.

    So my dear friend Mr Moragoda don`t try to be a kid and put forward stupid questions to the public.

    How can `Mahinda Chintana` be on the budget when he is not the President,How can he propose anything to the Finance Minister when CBK does everything opposite.

    Similar question was asked by Bandula Gunawardene in TV lanka,people get puzzled when you ask these type of silly questions.

    We are glad Mahinda did not influence the Finance Minister in preparing the budget.So it was CBKs budget and nothing was put in favour of PM.

    By this time intelligent Srilankans have decided to whom they should vote.

    Mahinda will have an easy win on 17th..

    Ranil says on political platforms that he will get 4500Million from USA.

    Are you going to sell SriLanka to the USA?

    I saw him on TV lanka. Does he realises that he is begging USA and mortgaging even the unborn Srilankans for taking this money.

    Is this the way he wants to run the country.

    He talks absolute nonsenses on the platforms ,if anybody is watching Srilanka would see the difference.

    If I am wrong please correct me please with facts.

  • 10 Nov 2005 16:46:19 GMT

    Hey Pera:

    U were correct about Sarath Amunugama joining ranil :) :) :)- The great part is - He has -removed-ed Mahinda wihtout Mahinda Knowning it :) :) - did you see how that Fool Mahinda, was sitting there next to Amunugama, Laughing away while Amunugama read the Budget???? Makes you wonder if Mahinda understodd anything that was read :) :)

    Just like the SUN GOAT is going to get the Sinhalese to elect a Government he wants in the south, WITH OUT the Sinhalese even known it :) :)

    The SUN GOAT has Indirectly called on the Tamils to boycott the elections - over 650,000 votes that Ranil would have got is now in Question...

    VOTE For Mahinda to Make the LTTE dream come true!!

    Pera - there are 19 MIllion people in the country and you had to go and Choose the Biggest Water Buffelo from Hambanthota to run for President and Prabakaran is Cheering you guys ALL THE WAY! He is also LAUGHING at you people through his A*SS :) :)

  • 10 Nov 2005 17:41:37 GMT

    Mahinda supporters must be thrilled learn that they have been tricked again.

    Now they should enjoy themselves by saying `Hooray...Mahinda is Gal anda he tricked us again`


  • 10 Nov 2005 23:06:28 GMT

    Aroogarraa govindha...

    Govindhage... Gehe..vindha...

    Mokadha Unne.... Rata Nathiwenda yanne....