Wide ranging relief offered to electorate - Budget 2006 presented despite UNP walk out

  • 8 Nov 2005 20:53:05 GMT

    * Rs 700 million to promote deep sea fishing industry***

    not a bad idea...700 mill/6000.00 = 120000 ???

  • 8 Nov 2005 20:54:46 GMT


  • 8 Nov 2005 20:55:27 GMT

    `Rs 1,500 monthly savings for each tsunami affected child`

    Nine Months after the Tsunami - over 100,000 people are in Refugee camps. the Government doesnt have the money to rebuilt the houses or give boats to these people - but they have money to give 1500 to every child!!! YEAH RIGHT!!

    We will find out how true that saying `Sinhalaya Modaya Kavun kanna Yodaya` is.. This election is truely test of how intelligent the sinhala people are. :) :)

  • 8 Nov 2005 21:21:26 GMT

    Nine months in the Refugee camps!!!

    Langishing families have used it as a Gestation period to deliver more babies and named them Tsunami 1,2,3 etc.

    Atleast the Mother nature kept them happy through Winter weather.

    Mahinda, there are more children and bigger families now.

    You will be bankrupt soon. Refugees have worked hard to balance the mortality rate of SL.

    Tsunami refugees are very hard working people !!!

    They have aced your gestation period for Relief.


  • 8 Nov 2005 23:05:08 GMT

    Be it the UNP, PA or what ever party that is in power faced with an election this is what they all do. Relate fairy stories. `SURANGANA KATHA`. Why do all of these so called visionaries wait till the last minute to say they will do this and that and everything? Why couldn`t they do it before? It`s simply hoodwinking the people. They might make some payments. How? By simply printing money. That would result in inflation. Which the majority in the country do not understand. If there is money in the hands of people that`s it. Due to this stupidity of the people who are also the voters these rascals of politicians continue to suck the sap out of the country for their own benefit totally disregarding the the nation.

  • 8 Nov 2005 23:34:59 GMT

    (We will find out how true that saying `Sinhalaya Modaya Kavun kanna Yodaya` is.. This election is truely test of how intelligent the sinhala people are.)

    Most people here see this only as a battle between SLFP and UNP or Sinhalese and Tamils, but it is much bigger, there is so much more riding on this election. If SL is divided it will happen under Mahinda not Ranil. I am not implying that he will willingly divide it, but the circumstances will be such he will have no other choice. There should be more subtle thinking going on than just getting onto a stage and beating on your heart about ones` patriotic credentials. There were many options available earlier but the ham-fisted way both UNP and SLFP governments handled it, it`s too late now. At present Ranil`s way is the only way, it`s a smart move, and the cheapest in human life and national treasure. Am I nave enough to believe that people will see this? No; I know very well how the Sinhalese think.

    Mahinda is a truly useless bugger, he hasn`t got a clue how a modern state should run; if you listen to him it shows. But he has a good chance of getting voted in, because politicians of that ilk - which we still have many - by instinct know which buttons to press to hoodwink.

    After the flagrant corruption in the latter part of the UNP government, there was a lot of supporter for CBK in 1994. The sad truth is unlike Mahinda, she is an educated, capable and charismatic person and if she had chosen she could have done a lot for the country. Sadly she was only interested in hanging on to power, she is trying to do some statesman like things now, but it`s too little, too late. A great opportunity missed! She could have been a great leader; she had all the ingredients except the crucial one!

  • 9 Nov 2005 00:10:29 GMT

    Tsunami reconstruction work in Buddhist Thailand is almost complete. Muslim dominated countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia(except worst affected Arche Province) making good progress.

    In Sri Lanka millions of tsunami-affected population is languishing while the political and legal wrangles continue. Millions of dollars of Tsunami funds left in the custody of the Government have disappeared.

    On December 26th all eyes will be on Tsunami effected countries.....

    Try telling it is NGO`s fault then.


  • 9 Nov 2005 00:45:59 GMT

    Ha ha Radaw! I couldn`t agree with you more!

    So many perk and benefits given in this budget..I`m sure any outsider looking at this with no idea about what Sri Lanka is would think that we are a fairly wealthy and developed country!

    With nearly 1 million people still living in tsunami tents, and a further million living in refugee camps in the North East, even despite all the aid flows, where has this government suddenly got this lump of cash to spend out on?And what`s worse is that there have been so many tax cuts and just a negligible increase in the tax on alcohol and gaming, and is this budget expecting to finance this boom in expenditure by this measely increase in such cheap commodities? I think the government is trying to fool us by making us believe that taxes on alcohol and gambling is going to be able to fund our development and huge spending spree! Dissillusionment has never reached such giddying heights! I just hope people are able to see through this fakeness.

  • 9 Nov 2005 00:54:04 GMT

    Colombata kiri apita kakiri

    Apita tent ammata elevator!

    Suddha dunna dollar Ko?

    Leave alone tsunami reconstruction even after 11 months the Govt cannot agree as to what the buffer zone should be.In the ruphavani website Mangala is reported to have said they would remove the 100 meter restriction.This has been advocated by Ranil for the last 10 months.

  • 9 Nov 2005 02:47:19 GMT

    Yes what about Rata Barai Numbata puthey Tsunami salli banku pothey!Rogues rule the roost in SL. SL is for the magodi people to prosper!