Ranil and Maithree back on campus

  • 7 Nov 2005 02:36:15 GMT

    Ranilchelvam deserves State funded Helicopter rides, if Thamilchelvam deserves that.



  • 7 Nov 2005 04:20:54 GMT

    Latest Promise made By Rani:

    I shall build heliports in every University!


  • 7 Nov 2005 05:46:46 GMT


    Ranil does not get free chopper rides.He has to pay for the airforce for the services.I remeber Ms.Bandaranayake too used airforcr helicopters during 1988 presidential elections-after paying.

    Air force is not a property of the government of the day.But Sad to say that Mahinda Rajapakse uses these facilities for his campaign(FOR FREE)-which are not convered under his offcial capacity as the Prime minister.

    This is similar to him using Rupavihini to telecast his advertisements by just paying 500,000 Rs (the rest they will never pay) when the guideline/regulation is full cash payment is to be made before telecasting advertisemnts.

  • 7 Nov 2005 06:06:22 GMT


    You can add the fact that Ranil does not get time on Rupavahini for his ads. even after paying money.

    How`s that?

  • 7 Nov 2005 06:36:05 GMT

    Hi JB404

    Rooster coming to dinner. What a coincidence that the woman by the name Maithree on a contract to the loot appeared from hell when this debate was getting into a crecendo.

    Once again the same old `grist to the mill of rumour` the pass word to safety that somebody is mudslinging. Finally you managed to read about Caligula yet missed the forest for timber. See the chip in its block between these two. Inefficient, unethical, uneducated - if you call him otherwise SL has over one million art graduates who have obtained better standards in art stream since they had no means to select really pro science med or eng streams.

    The dream of any efficient student is to enter one of the above professional fields while the majority of wealthy dumb headed through sheer inefficiency and ignorance by way of back door entry and shady access to admin system secure the so called degrees to claim academic high ground in the field of rogue politics which amply demonstrated by his recent blabber of SL history and Perakum era which the knowledgible men are roaring with laughter. This reminds me the adage that rooster who tried to fly like the majestic Eagle assuming that he two is a bird with wings.

    Back to Caligula and Anula. Anula took Caligula by the scruff of his neck when he was galavanting with Goerge of the Jungle to come down with a thud back to terrra firma fogetting that he had flown wihtout a parachute. Was this CBK that now you are calling a lady Macbeth. Didnt Ranil Caligula call all the names to her since with a vow to to settle score another day.

    I am yet to read from your posting that Ranil is not the reincarnation of Caligula the Pervert thus justifying my christening of him with the pedigree RANIL the CALIGULA now on a temporary assingment with ANULA the CBK.

    When their is a neat tarmac would you drive on the adjecent smelly swamp unless something radically wrong is playing devil in your mind. That is what RANIL CAlGULA is engaged in his intimacy life and how on earth you expect that man to guide a nation on the edge of the precipiece.

  • 7 Nov 2005 06:36:25 GMT

    Once again POOPSY has POOP in his head. Ranil has to pay for every helicopter ride he takes unlike Mahinda who uses his PM position to get these rides. Not to mention all the abuse of the state TV stations he does.

  • 7 Nov 2005 07:48:49 GMT

    Ranil`s web page talks about My3`s academic achievements!

    My foot!

    She was attached to the University staff for dog`s years. No higher degree. She managed to get registered for a PhD studies at University of London, only after her `husband` was nominated as the Prime minister of Sri Lanka!!! Nice selection criteria too.


  • 7 Nov 2005 07:56:03 GMT

    You are so much soaked in hate mongering that I refuse to accept you are ignorant of the fact that certain State Facilities are available for electioneering, of course, on Payment. If you are ignorant of this you are not fit to take part in forums like this and if you are aware of this state facility, which I am certain of, you are in a Deception war like your heroes for whom looting (Tsunami funds) begging and, borrowing like the Colombo Plaza Bills and Lake house Advertisement Bill on Credit for years from the last General Election are all acceptable. in addition to perks of the post, like copter rides.


    I have to repeat what I posted some time back to Oops!

    You are authoritatively recording the intimacyual phase of Ranils life and this is possible only if you have had a very intimate and compromising relationship with the subject person and expression of such intimate feelings amounts to venting out private frustration and this is not the place for such Lamentations

  • 7 Nov 2005 07:56:53 GMT


    See you talking a lot of hog wash as usual. Your discourse on the SL education system and why we produce more Arts students than Engineering and Science students have no bearing to the argument, and again you digress so much that reading such dire-tribe is painful.

    The bottom line is that you are calling Ranil a pervert without any basis to your accusations and you are very clever and bold to do so writing under a pseudonym. This is what I find disgusting. Making libelous statements under the protection of anonymity. Mudslinging is a pastime that some of you enjoy doing I suppose.

  • 7 Nov 2005 08:06:16 GMT

    Hey all you guys,

    You don`t need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind is blowing. Somawansa has already left for London, he did it in 2001 as well. See you all in six years time. Hon Southerner take care.