Tigers open 4th `court` as crime rate rises

  • 6 Nov 2005 03:00:35 GMT

    Good Morning Medusa,


  • 6 Nov 2005 03:05:04 GMT


    I am kidding. bit of sarcasm.

  • 6 Nov 2005 03:35:37 GMT

    Good one Noel!

  • 6 Nov 2005 03:46:02 GMT

    Xpuli Medusa,

    Jaffna Thamil `educated` lot work and live in developed countries. They send their kids to school and University!!

    However, In those countries they are third class citizens. No white man ever invite those Jaffna Tamils for parties, gatherings or other social events (other than mandatory office parties). They are discriminated even at Churches!! So the Jaffna guys NEED Dignity.

    They think that poor Batti kids and Vanni kids MUST give up schooling and join LTTE to fight with SLA. Whenever those poor kids fight, they achieve success with heavy death toll. Who cares, LTTE wins and Jaffna Thamilan Dignity is protected.

    Whenever a Bati kid like yourself managed to achieve an education and be a professional, Jaffna ex patriots feel that they are threatened!


  • 6 Nov 2005 03:56:15 GMT

    Yes Medusa,

    And living in a country where there is no capital punishment, Noel indulges in `Lamp post` type of judiciary. Sick people!!

    What punishment LTTE imposed on that Child molester Pongu Ramesh!!!! He was convicted rapist and Hon Organizer of Jaffna Pongu Thamil!!!!


  • 6 Nov 2005 04:00:26 GMT


    Yes we do...a virtual office but different locations.

    Our Duty is to make fun of you hypocrites who live in greener pastures and pushing little kids in vanni and Bati to fight to protect your DIGNITY!!


  • 6 Nov 2005 04:12:39 GMT


    You directed Two posts to me. First is a statement, not a question. Second, whereabouts of my office, I answered. Now you say that I evade your querries!

    Your posts must be in invisible ink !!


  • 6 Nov 2005 04:21:51 GMT


    Don`t you know about this `pongu Ramesh` the Jaffna University lecturer arrested by Police on child raping charges???

    LTTE has not given him the lamp post honours, in fact LTTE sent a TNA MP to bail him out!


  • 6 Nov 2005 13:24:59 GMT

    LTTE system of courts and justice is another laughable matter just to portray that they are for justice and equality.

    I just want to know if these courts

    -Convict any LTTE supporters who do unspeakable crimes against their own people.

    -Have they caught any one who have most blatently killed even pricipals in front of the children. Surely identifying culprits should not be problem when its done in front of hundreds of kids.

    -Have they convicetd any one who have innocent abducted tamil kids

    -Have they convicted the LTTErs who threaten people of their lives if they don`t pay ransoms or make demands

    -Do they think that forcing people to do things against their wishes is in keep with the law?

    -Does this law makes the LTTErs immune from all the crimes they do?

    -Though petty crimes should be controlled in any society what is the point of this if mass crimes against the whole society done in broad day light go unpunished ??

    -What is the point in having a court system operated by inhumans?

  • 6 Nov 2005 15:40:20 GMT

    Courts will have moral and legal legitimacy only when and where Laws are legislated democratically after free and public debate and discussions.

    What LTTE and Prabhakaran are trying to do by creating these `courts` is what Taliban and Kamer Rouge and most other undignified dictatorships in the world done in the past. Try to create a false sense of justice without much success.

    This story of LTTE and Prabhakaran is ending only in taliban`s and Kamer rouge`s way.