Which way the vital Wanni vote?

  • 5 Nov 2005 21:08:36 GMT

    No solution can be implemented without eliminating LTTE. Our `gawayas` in GOSL are reluctant to understand that.

    Thanks for ranil to implement this CFA, but MR should be elected to destroy LTTE. Already Douglas, karuna, and india has pledge support to MR. Let him do that

  • 5 Nov 2005 21:33:44 GMT

    Which one of the Candidates will LOOSE votes if the tamils boycott the elections???????? RANIL!!

    Why would the LTTE NOT want Tamils to vote for Ranil?????


  • 5 Nov 2005 21:41:57 GMT

    These coward wanni butchers are afraid of voting systems.

    What democracy and free life can they give to innocent Tamils living in those areas where the VBTs reign with terror?

    That is the principal reason why the `baby friars` of wanni are FORCING the freedom loving Tamils, not to vote in the PE.

    If those Tamils do not vote, they will not get the freedom they are dreaming of, and if they do not heed the tiger `warnings` and vote, those innocent voters & their families will face harsh punishments or death at the hands of the wanni terrorists..........

  • 5 Nov 2005 21:53:54 GMT

    The north east vote would go to Ranil without a doubt. Blocking the people to vote would obviously benefit Mahinda. LTTE would also obviously prefer to deal with Mahinda rather than Ranil.

    Therefore I think both Mahinda (with all the govt powers and military) as well as Prabakaran might engage in preventing Tamils from voting. They both can acheive their common goal.

  • 5 Nov 2005 21:59:15 GMT

    Who cares, who needs them? We want a nation without sakkilis!

  • 5 Nov 2005 22:54:05 GMT

    ` We want a nation without sakkilis!`

    So you must be voting for ranil. The biggest sakkilas around are the JVP and the LTTE and they both want Mahinda to be president. JVP Sakkilias are openly supporting Mahinda. THe LTTE Sakkilias are COVERTLY trying to block Tamils from voting for ranil...

    VOTE for RANIL to STOP SAKKILIAS!!!!!!! :) :)

  • 5 Nov 2005 23:18:16 GMT

    Now its becoming clearer and clearer what the LTTE wants. They want mahinda to win. That will be good for them. They are weaker against Ranil`s peace strategies.

    They prefer the WAR to win their Eelam.

    Mahinda and his Rathu Sahodarayas are in their fool`s paradise.

    Given the choice the entire Tamil population of the NE would have voted for Ranil.

    That is why they are trying to prevent them from voting.

    You can`t defeat LTTE through WAR. Only through Peace those can be defeated. By WAR we will only create more violence.

    Let the entire country realize that and vote for Ranil.

    Peace is the best weapon against violent rebellion.

    Even the Super Power US couldn`t defeat committed rebels in Vietnam and now in Iraq.

    Appe Modaypakse will further destroy our economy and make us another Sudan.

    Wake up and be realistic. don`t be fooled by the JVP and their outdated and failed policies of `Kata Perata`.

  • 5 Nov 2005 23:43:37 GMT

    If MahindaR becomes President RanilW should BE Prime minister.

    Tamils do not like War. Who ever, says there will not be war they will vote.

    LTTE will push for RanilW. Then VP can survive a few years more.

  • 6 Nov 2005 00:17:09 GMT

    We should eliminate economically all sakkiliyas & sakkili pigs ; because the sakkili pigs create 9/11, london bombings and paris riots in the name of their unholy book that recently had a bath in guantanamo bay - a bath in escreta - what else.

    Vote for Run-Nil for a proper westernised economic order.

  • 6 Nov 2005 01:04:43 GMT