Premier promises bonanza to pregnant mothers

  • 3 Nov 2005 02:10:45 GMT

    So what does Mahinda believe that this so-called concept of `Westernisation` has done for us?!

    It is so, very ugly for him to associate the West with people who have scant respect for people! How disgusting of him to put down and insult, not only the foremost advanced society in the whole world, both socially and economically, but also, the very nations that have come to save Sri Lanka each time her hole digs deeper!

    This is so shameful! The only reason that this country is functioning today is because of the funds of the West. We owe alot to that part of the world.Countries like India and China have nothing for us (except fund the LTTE and agree to build us a Coal power plant). Western culture has alot to admire for. Modern Western culture is to be credited for numerous social gains, including protection of minorities, equal status to women, non discrimination, respect for individuality and culture, respect for privacy..sadly..all of such great qualities which `cultured` countries like Sri Lanka just seem to have miserably failed to achieve!

    Sri Lanka`s high rate of crime and disrespect for its people is not because out country is `Westernised`! It is because our country is plagued with so many problems that we have so actively created, and mind you...far before the economy was liberalised! Racism, discrimination of minorities, women, people with disabilities, prejudices against castes, etc..are not at all Western creations!This is the mess we created! Even today, women aren`t safe and free to walk on our roads! the so-called Western nations, whose values are sooo degenerate, women can walk on the streets free of harassment (although this by no means denies the existence of harrassment, including rape). Policemen in Western nations don`t use torture as means of solving cases or obtaining evidence, and neither do they harass individuals, especially women (alot of the time intimacyually) when they stop them or question them regarding matters!

    People in Western nations, in the age of democracy and human rights, DID NOT pass laws that actively discriminate and made life for minorities harsh. People in Western nations are not responsible for mass-scale massacres of their own people because of their ethinicity! People of Western nations don`t put advertisements in newspapers looking for bridegrooms for their daughters, demanding high CASTE status, claiming all their daughters to be fair (the proportion just does not match a largely dark-skinned population) and offering to bribe future husbands with land,etc (as if women are such a burden to get rid of!).

    If there is any culture that have wrecked havoc in this country, it is OURS!YES..our SRI LANKAN CULTURE has been the worst of the lot, bound in hypocrisy, discrimination, and corrupt to the core. OUR CULTURE is what degenerated us further. It is time we change. Time to look ahead and modernise rather than preach to take us back.

  • 3 Nov 2005 02:40:28 GMT

    The sad story is that this kind of promisory talk by politicians whether UNP, PA or any other is very willingly swallowed by the gullible voters all over the country. Though the SL politicians harp on the fact that the SL voters are very intelligent and have one of the highest literacy rates in SE Asia it`s because of the shortsightedness of the voters that rascals can hood wink their way into power and subsequently take the country to ruin. How many voters would even bother to question Mahinda as to how he intends to implement these fantastic ideas he has. The fools simply take everything for granted and that the politicians know. So the `Surangana Katha` industry holds sway.

    Till common sence and intelligence prevails on the majority of the voters in SL this type of `Surangana Katha` will go down well with the stupid voters. Self centred vultures in the form of SL politicians will get elected to power, they will prosper, the country and its people will be pushed down into further missery. That apparently is not seen by these so called intelligent SL voters. What a pity.

  • 3 Nov 2005 02:40:46 GMT

    Ranil will promise everything to mohers except making a woman pregnant! My3 has only Wimal W`s help.


  • 3 Nov 2005 02:51:50 GMT

    The sad story is that this type of promissory talk is resorted to by all the politicians be it PA, UNP or the other various parties who all claim to be the only saviours of the down trodden voters of the country. What is interesting is as to why such fantastic stories which basically promise the sun and the moon are taken for granted by the average SL voter. The SL politicians harp on the fact that SL people have one of the highest literacy rates in SE Asia. Is it a fact? If such fibbs such as what Mahinda and Ranil are promising left right and center are gladly swallowed by the voters without even questioning as to how such promises would be fulfilled it just suggests that the voters are down right stupid. As Winston Churchill said a nation gets the government they deserve. So for a country where the majority are stupid no wonder they end up with stupid leaders who take the country to ruin. Till common sence and intelligence prevails on the majority of people in SL the country is set for doom. Those of you who can abandon ship save your a**** and get the hell out of the country.

  • 3 Nov 2005 03:23:51 GMT

    Surprise! Surprise! Bonanza if I win. Where were all these goodies hidden when one is in power!!. Political platform speeches I suppose....

  • 3 Nov 2005 11:18:34 GMT


    There is a limit for these election gundus. Don`t know who is advising you? Now you have gone to the `rights of the unborn child`, having settled all the other problems.

    Do these unborn children have the right to vote? Then you may even shake hands with them and hope you wear sterile gloves while doing that. What a world?

  • 3 Nov 2005 11:53:58 GMT

    Mahindas figures dont match up he already short of Rs70 billion ( from his proposals) oh well he maybe just going to make that to 100 billion.

    he is confident that he cannot win this election therefore just boasting irrespensively.

    if he elected he will start the war and say because of war i cannot do


    can you immagine

    Mahinda president

    Somawansa Deputy President

    Wimal weera Priminister

    JHU Defence

    Tilvin silva Foreign Minister

    Anura Finance minister

    it is a joke.

  • 3 Nov 2005 15:25:17 GMT

    How hard up is this man on promises. He has selected a minority to promise.

    Why not make a promise to farmers, estate workers, govt servants, students, businessmen, fishermen, labour workers etc.

    Is he incompetent to promise to the majority ????

    Be a man. Follow Ranil and talk like a leader. Talk big, unlike a midwife.

  • 3 Nov 2005 16:14:06 GMT

    Karibonawimal (By the way, is this your name or somebody else`s?? I am puzzled).. That`s fine, they can promise anything but delivery will not be that easy.Anyway,Mahinda won`t promise a ministry for Mangala types because then more than his mates, many of his opponents will benefit like Ranil, Malik and their rugby mates. Ranil is no different on promise front.

    Ranil has promised to cover up the bums of the farmers. May be because he feels uncomfortable when he sees them.

    The other day, he was promising a ministry for Ranawiruwo. We all respect Ranawiruwo but you don`t need another ministry, defence ministry should take care of them.

    Also, who ever wins, he should think about reducing the number of ministries not increasing them.

    Whatever it is, neither of them are going to do anything special to the country. The country will roll on as it always has been.

    Honestly, I have a good vision and I know what the country needs but I don`t yet have the public`s support. Hopefully, I`ll plug in to one of the parties and try to do an honourable job one day.

  • 3 Nov 2005 16:49:23 GMT

    Mahind put his foot in his mouth.every body else are putting their thing in p-ranil,s you know where.