Ranil should cancel IDU membership - JHU

  • 3 Nov 2005 11:47:38 GMT

    Did anyone ask this JHU to remove their robe and wear army uniform and surrender to police and say guilty of all criminal activities?

    JHU and majority of JVP are army runaways they commited so much crimes in army.

  • 3 Nov 2005 14:29:38 GMT

    Here goes!Is this what Lord Buddha preached? These are the ones who are calling for a `Unitary State`. How can they unite people when they preach hatred? Will`Budhu Sasuna Bebalewa`when these people are around?God Bless Buddhism!

  • 3 Nov 2005 14:55:06 GMT

    What exactly Venerable Rathana Thera is trying to highlight is that the dual standard of policies and the real objectives of an individual while presenting a different set of promises to the ordinary people to fool them and obtain votes. A religious leader has a right to express views behalf of more than 70% of the Buddhist population living in this country

  • 3 Nov 2005 15:32:14 GMT

    Priests must stay away from politics. Doesn`t he want democracy in SL. IDU is trying to promote democracy for the whole world. The priest must understand all the western world are governed by Christians and non Buddhists . Budd ism is only limited dozen of countries in Asia including SL. When we go to a bigger world we do not have (Buddhists) much influence. We must be proud that at least we have leaders who are members of the IDU and will do their utmost to safe guard Democracy in SL. We do not have a perfect system to govern but democracy has given us chance to question politicians the way they govern and one day we will have non corrupt politicians like in Austria and Swisterland.

  • 3 Nov 2005 15:38:28 GMT


    Why waste valuable web space for these rubbish.

    This stupid idiot Ratana thinks, that all the white skins are promoting christianity all the time.

    This IDU consists many South Asian countries and the Chairman happened to be a white.

    There should be a high powered religious council in Sri Lanka to derobe people like Ratana, when they express opinions promoting racial hatred.

    I have seen some where in this forum pointing at JHU, Dhammaloka as the heart, Thilak Karu as the brain and Ratana as the rectum.

    This man has also said about the killings of 17 officers and 64 other members since the CFA.

    Has he forgotten the pre CFA era that dead Sinhala Buddhist bodies of soldiers were brought to the south everyday, enabling them to collect all the Pansu kulas.

    Is he looking forward to the war under his favourite regime, in pursuit of more Pansu kulas, Dana and pirikaras.

  • 3 Nov 2005 17:27:42 GMT

    Dear Cobbler,

    I cannot agree with you more! Well said!

    Mature comments like yours should be respected.

    People have so easily forgotten the horrors and pain of war, when thousands of our soldiers and the people of this land suffered and was tortured to their deaths. So many people so eagerly I guess wish to return to such an era of terror. Eventhough it is understandable that ultra-nationalists (determined to achieve their fundamental goal of instability and chaos) may want to return to war, what is hardest to imagine is that Sri Lanka`s tolerant Buddhist society have tolerated the existence of intolerance by their very own clergy!

    This should not be allowed, unless we wish to see the permanent alteration of the Buddhist doctrine, from rationality to fundamental insanity. Contrary to the argument of Professor, a few, self-proclaimed leaders of any religion, cannot under any circumstances make statements and judgments for an entire populace. The conscience of religion is within the confines of the mentality of the religious, not to be thrown out and hurled at people in an attempt to subjugate the population to the control and enforcement of a particular consciousness.

    The statements of Ranil are in no manner contradictory to his membership in the International Democrat Union. Democracy is not owned by Christians. It is a system of government, when worked and executed well, have proven to be the most successful form of government in the known world. Committment to such an open and free system is in no manner contradictory to the doctrine of Buddhism, which as argued by most theorists, was probably one of the first doctrines based on liberty and equality (sadly ideals that nations that have adopted this belief have failed to achieve). Is this monk then arguing that Buddhism does not adhere to the principles of a fundamental democracy? If so then, not only should his priviledge to make statements as a Monk be withdrawn, but if agreed so by others, the doctrine of Buddhism to be reinterpreted into one of terror and subjugation.

  • 3 Nov 2005 18:32:31 GMT

    Its a shame our Buddhist clergy thinks that our religion only exist in SL. It is thriving in the west as well as in Thailand Vietnam,China etc. We all know Lord Buddha preached equality and fair treatment to all-not just the Sinhalese of Sri Lanka-wake up Swammen Wahanse return to the job you were ordained for and stop spreading hatred and racism disguised as Buddhism. We need the pure principles of our teacher Lord Buddha and not the warped logic you preach. Siyalu Sathwayo Niduk Wethwa-Nerogi Wethwa-Suwapath Wewa. Learn and repeat every time hatred creeps into your mind!

  • 3 Nov 2005 19:54:50 GMT

    We have a ethnic conflict going on for more than 20 years don`t we have enough of that. Do we need a religious one too. what`s wrong with these people. Its like they live to see people kill each other.

  • 3 Nov 2005 20:36:52 GMT

    IDU is an association of right wing and christian parties. Conservative party (UK) is a member of it but not the Labour Party. In US it`s the Republican Party which is the member and not the Democratic party. George Bush is critisized much in Europe for his right wing policies and christian fundementalist ideas. What Rathana Thero says has ground. You have to study before you speak. Otherwise you will be seen as frogs in the well (who also shout so that others can`t sleep).

    And it is obvious that Ranil and UNP will not support the anti-conversion bill being a member of the IDU.


  • 4 Nov 2005 02:09:22 GMT

    I think all srilankans including christians, hindu`s and islamic`s must find a solution to prevent the disaster what happened to buddhism, the peacefull religion became a tool to all selfish srilanakan politicians to come to power. Buddhist monks dont have a leadership to prevent them from getting involved in politics due to the very reason there devided by Nkaya (cast sytem).

    Who ever the leader who come to power should make necessary steps to prevent monks coming to politics if they really love our country. Otherwise our country will never find peace. Buddhasasana ministry should issue special ID`s to all monks, register temples, give necessary support by way of grants and discounts for their education and other basic necesities so that they need not to find ways of earn money. make constitutional amendments to prevent them coming to politics and also ban politicians using monks. I`m sure monks can do better by educating public to do good and adhere good buddhist principles , let laymen decide who is the good leader to govern them accordingly. Better late than never let`s do something.. if we keep silent it`s crime .